A visually pleasing Powerpoint template created by Persuaders for Maximus International, as a part of their brand building campaign.

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Maximus International is a leadership development consultancy that serve blue-chip corporate clients including Telstra, Suncorp and Xerox.

The Sydney-based consultancy has a strong brand that communicates through face-to-face meetings and leaves behind pitch materials. To win new business and report to current clients, the Maximus team requires a plethora of pitch presentations. Their PowerPoint slides convey their key products and service offerings.

Maximus found they needed a communication tool to pitch with. It was a must to align their visual ideas and content with their thought leadership values.

To successfully pitch, their proposal process heavily relies on crafting tailored PowerPoint presentations. Many proposals and presentations are demanded each week and the teamwork in PowerPoint often. So, crafting a custom PowerPoint template for the Maximus team was a necessity. Pitches, tenders and data visualisation of key research could engage their prospects and clients.

The use of standard slide designs did not represent the brand’s tone-of-voice or modern aesthetic qualities. This needed to be corrected so the brand could be presented at all points of a customer journey.

Maximus International realised they needed a professional PowerPoint template that was custom-made. Including carefully appointed layouts and an asset library to draw from was a must. This would ensure that the template would be extremely valuable to the wider team. Finally, Maximus would be able to represent its brand for their proposals and reports. In doing so, they could put their best foot forward to potential customers – every time.


Maximus International came to the Persuaders team for a custom-built PowerPoint template.

This new PowerPoint template had to empower the Maximus International team to easily create proposal presentations. It also had to allow for creating engaging data visualisations.

The PowerPoint design had to incorporate the functional needs of the consultancy. It also had to include an array of visual elements and ‘quick tips’ to help the proposal team stay on brand. Each presentation should showcase their important messages with the brand voice underpinning it.

The custom PowerPoint template should include data visualisation elements that were easy to use for the team. Maximus’ staff wanted to be free to build their own presentations. They wanted to be autonomous without requiring external graphic designers for every presentation.

The Solution

Working collaboratively, Persuaders and the Maximus team created a bespoke custom PowerPoint template tool.

The pitching tool had to stay true to the stylish and contemporary brand. By working together, we immersed our ideas to find a visual voice that inspired an accelerated purpose.

The tool helped unify the proposal team for on-brand creative uses and in-built colour profiling. Combined with a range of templates charts, tables, icons and asset library. We added an inbuilt How to use template guidelines and tips and tricks where the user needs them. The professional result is a consistent, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing design that is highly functional.

The Outcome

Persuaders’ presentation experts delivered a bespoke PowerPoint template that empowered Maximus International’s team. This new pre-built Microsoft Office template had all the slide layouts they needed. This gave enough layout variety and allowed for their presentations to be engaging.

Every pitch or presentation completed by the proposal team is now on-voice and on-brand. Persuaders sought to ensure that each presentation can showcase these two elements. With the build of this one PowerPoint template – the sky is the limit. Maximus’ team can now put forward their recommendations with a strong brand presence.

The smart solution – a PowerPoint toolkit – has also reduced the time needed for each proposal, significantly. Every proposal has a custom look and feel using the main template theme, without the external graphic designer cost.

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