Shine in the spotlight with our public speaking training.

Public Speaking Training

Gain the skills and confidence to take charge of your performance.


Training overview

Presenting is daunting.

Banish the nerves and present with confidence!

It’s been reported that about 73% of the population face fear and anxiety when it comes to public speaking – more than heights, financial problems, and even death. For some, this fear extends to simply speaking up in a meeting and sharing their ideas and opinions with colleagues.


Training content

Present with confidence and clarity.

Develop strategies for overcoming common concerns and learn how to deliver a memorable presentation. In our public speaking training course, we don’t just talk about what to say – we teach you how to say it. From your head to your toes.

Did you know?

Many experts agree that anywhere from 70-93% of communication is perceived through body language and tone of voice, not your words.

In our presentation skills training course, you’ll learn about all aspects of presenting and communication, equipping you and your team with the skills to impress.

Training content

What we’ll cover in the training:

Work through strategies to master stage presence and build confidence. We’ll teach you proven frameworks for speech writing and presentation, so you can win over your audience.

You’ll also have opportunities to practise and get personalised feedback throughout the day.

  • Presentation foundations
    Learn how to address audiences in different presenting scenarios.

  • Speech building
    Define what makes an effective speech using frameworks proven to win over your audience.

  • Activities in action
    Get on-the-day professional insights from professional public speaking coaches.


Training outcomes

What can you expect to learn?

Walk away with on-the-day resources and insights from experienced public speaking coaches who have worked with people at all levels of ability, from first-timers to CEOs and public figures.

  • Drive connection
    Discover strategies for delivering memorable content that is relevant to your audience.

  • Be an influencer
    Become a speech-making wizard by perfecting the balance between message and method.

  • Confidence in spades
    Hone your ability to deliver speeches or presentations with ease in every environment.

  • Master stage, sound and swag
    Master the fine art of stage presence, humour and charisma to maximise your impact on any audience.



What our participants say

My customised 1:1 coaching sessions with Persuaders provided me with practical tips and techniques that I will easily put into practise. What’s more, this information was presented in such a way that I feel confident passing these skills onto my team to improve their performance as well.

James Connors, MLC

I participated in yesterday’s workshop with Nick. It was great, really beneficial.

Carol Friel, Project Officer - Community, Sydney Startup, Precincts, NSW Treasury

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We are happy to help in a 1:1

We’re people-people and love to train teams in person.

We can facilitate presentation skills training at your business or host at our offices in the Sydney CBD.

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By virtual means

We’ll make sure you get maximum engagement through your sessions on Zoom.