We’re for

We’re here to help you clarify, connect and compel.

Persuaders is a corporate communications consultancy combined with a creative agency. We’re a courageous collective of master communicators who build authentic and strategic comms to help business leaders and brands influence their audiences.

No BS here.

For the last 7 years we’ve been working with big brands like Qantas, AGL and Optus, to help them tell powerfully persuasive stories that resonate with their audience.

Who We Are

We’re a bunch of strategic creative communicators.

In other words, we’re here to help you say the right thing, to the right audience, at the right time!

We’re about building robust, strategic communications that get into the heart of your customer and compel them to action. True growth happens when you have the tools and confidence to communicate better.

Jacqui O’Brien, Chief Persuader

About Us

It’s always better to put a face to the name. Persuaders
is lead by designer turned comms strategist, Jacqui O'Brien.

Jacqui O'Brien Persuaders
Jacqui O’Brien
Chief Persuader & Creative Director

Jacqui is the creative brains of Persuaders, starting the agency in 2014. She combines strategic and innovative thinking, practical design crafting skills and a commercial sensibility as is considered the expert when it comes to world class pitch decks. In the business of ‘deck diddling’ for over 12 years and a designer for two decades, she is a true creative rebel and is unrelenting when it comes to devising impactful pitch decks and marketing communications that truly move the needle for clients.

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Jackie Kuek Persuaders
Jackie Kuek
Managing Director

A force to be reckoned with in brand and communications, Jackie wields over 25 years experience and is an award-winning, values based leader. Jackie uses strategic communications to deliver transformation at scale, in order to drive lasting social impact. She never stops short of fun-making whilst devising intelligent decks and campaigns that deliver successful results.

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Debra Jason Persuaders
Debra Jason
Client Services Director

With over 30 years of agency and corporate experience, Debra is a dynamic brand and communications specialist with a buttoned-down approach that clients can depend upon. Her client service skills and branding expertise will see Debra deep in the details and ensuring all facets of the brief have been considered and explored thoughtfully.

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Peter McDonald Persuaders
Peter McDonald
Engagement Director

Peter is a dynamic and experienced marketing and communication specialist masterfully delivering internal and external engagement campaigns with ease. Peter channels creativity in all his life pursuits. With government, and education sectors keeping him busy with crisis comms over the past few years, he also impressed us with his past-life stint as a radio host.

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Emily Mayes Persuaders
Emily Mayes
Marketing Support

After spending the past 6 years in agency, TV, live events and corporate finance, Emily uses her dynamic understanding of marketing to get a campaign voice heard. Her production skills are on-point and she sure knows how to run up a voiceover when needed.

Tamara Tadevosyan Persuaders
Tamara Tadevosyan
Client Services Manager

With over a decade of experience working across agency, corporate and charity sectors to deliver impactful campaigns, events and marketing comms. Tamara is always dependable, accountable and is masterful at client service.

Our Not-So-Hidden Skills

We’ve got the combined expertise to succeed.

  • Strategic planning

  • Content distillation

  • Conceptual thinking

  • Engaging teaching

  • Creative storytelling

  • Captivating design

  • Artful copywriting

  • Uncovering insights

We can craft, hone, dazzle, spruce,
add flair and twerk just like any other agency.

Our main game is applying carefully selected strategies to deliver persuasive communications and design content to get the best results for you.

Our Mission

We get you talking about what your customers care about

We believe in strategic and authentic communication. We help brands tell their unique story to win over and influence audiences.

Our Vision

To build a world of expert communicators

We want to shift how brands are communicating with their audiences and empower professionals to be more strategic with their comms.

Our Values

We didn’t have to look far to define what we stand for.
Our values drew from our personal traits and are exemplified through our work.

Constantly Curious
Our curiosity will fuel your success.
We’ll challenge assumptions to create strong foundations.
Clarity Seekers
We’ll do the digging to bring you clarity.
Collective Company
We build lasting, empathetic relationships.
Change Makers
We’ll jump out of the safety zone to embrace change.

1600+ businesses trust Persuaders

to clarify, connect and compel audiences.



Won a


Annual tender pitch for a logistics company
Attracted over


Through an exciting explainer video


Reinvigorated heavy data with an eye-catching interactive report.
Secured a


Capital raise for an old gold mine to reopen
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