Make your customer the
hero of your story.

Narrative Finding Workshop

Redefine how you communicate with your audience.


Workshop overview

Connect through story.

Change the way you communicate with your customers.

Connect the head to the heart with a compelling story that draws in your audience. Build intrigue and empathise with your customers’ pain points.

Participants will be challenged to rethink how they communicate about their brand, moving towards an impactful, customer-centric structure.


Workshop content

We get people talking about what their customers care about.

Learn how to build an emotional connection with your audience through your narrative and messaging.

Grow your movement

Keep your audience coming back by investing in your long-term relationship. Once you understand who they are, you can align your offering to their needs, eliminating questions around their choice.

Workshop content

What we’ll cover in the workshop:

After selecting the optimum framework for your business, your team will learn why humans are emotional creatures and how to build communications that attract customers.

  • Story framework
    Understand how a simple but powerful framework can redefine how you structure communications.

  • Customer perception
    Address customer drivers and learn how to keep them captivated.

  • Business prose
    Weave in your USP and UVP to counteract objections and keep customers invested long-term.


Workshop outcomes

What can you expect to learn?

Walk away with resources and insights garnered from facilitators who are passionate about finding ways to improve your customer communications.

  • Story concept
    Learn the methodology behind Narrative Strategy: what it is and how it works.

  • Dig deep
    Unpack insights about how your customers think, feel and act.

  • Hearts over heads
    Discuss how to emotionally connect with your audience.

  • Practical application
    Understand how to apply your brand narrative to communications.



What our participants say

Persuaders uncovered the key messages that enhanced the overall pitch, making sure we looked and sounded like the professionals we are. The entire project was a refreshing take on how agile agencies can provide personalised, careful attention that often gets overlooked with larger creative studios.

Simon Borg, CEO, Navia

We have been really pleased with the work Jacqui and her team have undertaken for AGL, giving us impactful content that helps us tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way – and always being flexible, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach.

James Hall, General Manager, Capital Markets, AGL

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We’re people-people and love to work with teams in person.

We’re people-people and love to train teams in person.

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