Pitch deck review

Expert assessment & feedback on content, structure and design

Pitch deck review

Live evaluation of your deck with actionable advice for content, structure and design


We work with leaders struggling to get their decks together

Sound familiar?

  • I don’t think my value proposition will resonate with my audience.
  • I’ve been working on my deck for weeks and I just can’t nail it.
  • I think my deck is ‘nearly there’ but not sure what potential investors or clients might be expecting.
  • I’m too close to the content and need an expert assessment from an experienced outsider.
  • My deck has become ‘War and Peace’ and I’m not sure how to cull it to tell my story better.

This isn't our first rodeo

Expert advice on all aspects of pitching

  • Whether you’re a scale-up, or part of the C-Suite in a listed company, you need to get your message over the line, with impact.
  • Our pitching and storytelling frameworks for customers and investors are proven to work.
  • We pride ourselves on devising powerful, outcome-focused solutions.

1600+ businesses trust Persuaders

to clarify their message, connect with their stakeholders, and change the game for good.

We're all about outcomes

Walk away, empowered

  • An actionable checklist of recommendations.
  • Increased impact and chance for success.
  • Confidence knowing your deck has been road-tested by an industry-trusted professional.

Deck consultation

Pitch Deck Assessment Process:

Your session can be conducted either online, or in our Sydney-based office in Marrickville. All you need to do –

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    Book and pay for your consultation
    When you book your consultation, you’ll be asked to select your consultation date and time, and pay for your session. Once complete, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

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    Once confirmed
    A member of our team will email you a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to sign. Or, we can sign your NDA if you prefer.

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    Show us your deck
    Once an NDA has been signed, you’ll be asked to supply the presentation deck you wish to discuss. We’ll take a look at it ahead of your consultation.