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In today’s marketplace, regardless of your industry, there’s a tonne of competition. If your story isn’t compelling, you’ll be left behind. You’re up to your eyeballs in maintaining business-as-usual, so there’s no time to craft a powerful narrative about who you are and what you do.

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We’re for leaders

We’ve got you covered. Combining smarts and hearts, we give you the toolkit to persuasively convey your message. Our full-suite offering of dynamic design and strategic communications advisory services has empowered thousands of bold leaders to own their story.

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Our mission

We’re here to help you clarify, connect and change the game for good

Persuaders is a unique combination of a strategic communications consulting firm and a design agency located in Sydney. We help bold leaders stand up with conviction to showcase their purpose and offering. With us behind you, the results roll in, you secure investments, convert your sceptics and your business will thrive.

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30,000,000 presentations are presented daily.

We’re the pros. Offering the full buffet of presentation, template and report design, we know exactly what it takes to keep an audience hooked and motivate them to take action.

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You have 10 mins to hook your audience in!

Our team of experienced Persuaders can help from pitch scripting, crafting killer explainer videos and delivering customised presentation training. Let us whip you into winning shape.

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A Narrative

Conflicting messaging will leave your audience confused.

Clarify pain points and align your offering to their goals. Bring it all together with messaging architecture and keep your team on the same page.

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Training and

Learn how to craft the perfect pitch or help your team build killer presentations.

Persuaders have broken down the must-haves for success into customisable 1:1 and group courses for busy professionals.

Our work

From scale-ups seeking investment to corporates nailing pitches, we’re for leaders who want to make an impact.


A Winning Pitch System for Navia

Navia wins hearts, minds, and a massive international tender with the ultimate pitch deck system

  • Public Speaking
  • Pitch Program
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Investor Presentation for revuefinda

revuefinda gets funding with a pitch presentation that showcases demo videos and animation

  • Pitch Program
  • Presentations
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Team Conference for Google Australia

Google brings their team together to celebrate success and collaboration with a Google Slides presentation

  • Presentations
  • Templates
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Branding Design for vitamins@work

vitamins@work launches a fresh new product to improve workplace performance

  • Branding
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Eye-Catching Infographic for ANZ

Enlightening infographic for ANZ International Women’s Day

  • Infographics
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