Even yourself.

1:1 Custom Coaching

Gain the skills and confidence to take charge of your performance.


Coaching Overview

Are you ready to transform?
Jump into our custom coaching.

Reach your goals faster with our 1:1 Coaching Program. Our team can design a program to suit your schedule and help with everything from how to structure content, harnessing storytelling to engage your audience, and/or improving your public speaking skills and confidence.

We’ll identify your personal communication style and help you leverage it to your advantage.


Coaching Content

How it works:

This custom coaching follows a proven framework with variables to truly make you shine.

  • Plan
    We’ll have a kickoff meeting to discuss your goals and any existing struggles you want to address through coaching.

  • Produce
    Our team will match you with the best coach(es) for your needs. We’ll send a proposed plan to you and you’ll have the chance to make any changes. Once confirmed, we’ll start scheduling sessions!

  • Persuade

    Your coach(es) will be fully briefed and sessions can be conducted online, in our Sydney CBD offices or at the location of your choice within the Sydney CBD.

Did you know?

When our brains are active, we can absorb a whopping 84% more information than when we are bored. So upskill with insightful and engaging trainers that make professional development interesting!


Coaching Outcomes

What can you expect?

Walk away with on-the-day resources and insights from experienced coaches who have worked with people at all levels of ability, from first-timers to CEOs and public figures.

  • Customised Program Plan
    1:1 tailored coaching, conducted online or face-to-face with carefully selected coaches who are prepared to address your specific needs.

  • Reach Your Goals
    Master your content, develop your performance skills and/or conquer your mindset to influence an audience.

  • Resources & Tools
    Access to templates and worksheets that support your learning experience.

  • Support

    Tailored support from coaches during and after sessions.



What participants are saying

The sessions went really well! It was exactly what I was looking for and ticked all the boxes and more! The coach was fantastic.

Alan Arnott, Founder, Docustream

Coaching Add-ons

Need some visuals to back up your new skills?

Our team can work with you to build a pitch, presentation, report, or video to support you and all your new skills.

This can be especially useful for those focused on public speaking in their coaching and want the visuals to back it up.

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We are happy to help in a 1:1

We’re people-people and love to train teams in person.

We can come to you or host at our offices in the Sydney CBD.

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We’re always happy to chat and
find the best solution for you.

No problem! We’ll split your team into groups up to six to conduct digital sessions. We’ll make sure your team gets maximum engagement through the sessions at no extra charge!