Smash your goals with a comprehensive Platinum Pitching Program

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Sick of seeing investors look at their phones instead of you?

Whether you’re preparing for a major investment, pitching a new product or trying to get customers on-board, you need a pitching strategy that crushes the competition.

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We’ve seen it all.

Throw out your standard pitch deck and smash all your targets. 
Our clients have won millions with our tried-and-tested pitching method and you can too. Learn how to perfect your pitch delivery with Persuaders.

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Platinum Pitching Program

The set-and-forget deck of winners. Effortlessly add-on when your offering grows.

  • The Mac Daddy of Persuasive Pitching. A full overhaul of your pitching practice, resulting in a refined, easy-to-use and fully comprehensive pitch presentation. Expert Persuader coaching will ensure you and your team get a win!

Enhance your pitching prowess with experts in the field.

  • You’ll get professional pitch coaching, ensuring you (and your team) have the skills to execute a winning pitch-perfect delivery.

This is only for the movers and shakers, who want it won and done!

  • It takes guts to pitch, but it takes intelligence to invest. Can you really afford to lose out or miss a vital investment opportunity? Consider your (pitching) future and how much is at stake.

Program Overview

What we cover in our
Persuader Pitch Program:

  • Audit icon

    We’ll conduct a comprehensive audit to review your current pitch 
(if you have one) and identify any gaps.

  • Workshops icon

    Following your custom plan we move into workshops, the most common being the Narrative Finding workshop.

  • Pitch Tools icon

    Creative Deliverables
    An expert designer will work on delivering all the pitching material required, following your bespoke narrative. This can include anything from our tried-and-tested interactive Pitch Presentation, to a series of videos and pitching materials designed to meet your investors’ requirements.

  • Coach icon

    Training & Coaching
    We’ll conclude the program by assigning one of our coaches to enhance your natural speaking style or to meet your end goals. You’ll work with them 1:1 to build your pitching confidence by mastering mindset and message, boosting stage presence and reinforcing your influence.

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Not ready for the full-Pitch-monty?

Thats cool. We have a few other options that may be more appropriate for you. Click the boxes below to see more detail.


*Perfect for those who want experts to step in and take the lead

Need us to write, design and coach you for a winning pitch?

  • Timeframe: 6-8 weeks
  • Pricing from $9,500
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  • Pitch structure
  • Pitch copywriting
  • Full pitch styling and design
  • Skeleton script for you to flesh out with your personal presenting flair
  • Source appropriate imagery
  • Custom graphs, tables and icons
  • Stylish slide transitions and custom animations
  • Persuasion Tactics and tools
  • 90 min session with Persuasion Coach – sharing insights and professional tips for a polished delivery


*Best for those who have the foundations but don’t have the time or design skills*

Want a specialist to jump in and structure and design your pitch deck?

  • Timeframe: 3-5 Weeks
  • Starting from $5,500
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  • Full pitch design
  • Source appropriate imagery
  • Refine slide copy, as needed
  • Style graphs and tables
  • Includes transitions
  • Restructure and organise slides
  • Grammar and spelling edits
  • Stylish slide transitions, light animations
  • 30 min pitch walk through with a persuasion coach


*Great for those already confident with content*

Feel like your slides are dragging down your style? Spruce em up!

  • Timeframe: ~2 Weeks
  • Starting from $3,000
Request Quote
  • Fully style and design from scratch
  • De-clutter slides
  • Grammar and spelling tweaks
  • Final content required

We were glad we invested in getting our pitch deck professionally designed. This engagement returned on itself 10 fold with a new investment round. It was a rewarding experience all round, so much so that we are back with a new project and no doubt would turn to Persuaders as a creative partner again.

Ryan Flanagan, Founder & Ceo, RevueFinda

Persuaders uncovered the key messages that enhanced the overall pitch, making sure we looked and sounded like the professionals we are. The entire project was a refreshing take on how agile agencies can provide personalised, careful attention that often gets overlooked with larger creative studios.

Simon Borg, CEO, Navia

The sessions went really well! It was exactly what I was looking for and ticked all the boxes and more! The coach was fantastic.

Alan Arnott, Founder, Docustream

Take it to the next level

Want to enhance your...assets?


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Spark their intrigue

Add a short teaser presentation or video to build curiosity and help you secure you that all-important meeting.

Pitch Day

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Steal attention

Include a one page, animated infographic to showcase how your product or service works.


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Stay front of mind

This expansion piece outlines the critical information your audience needs in an interactive and intuitive document they can easily navigate.

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