ANZ teamed with Persuaders to create a memorable, enlightening infographic that will catch the attention of many for International Women's Day.

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Two mockups of ANZ infographic poster project

ANZ plans to grab attention during International Women’s Day.

They found that advisers have a key role in women’s financial well-being. Because of this, ANZ compiled a list of statistics regarding women’s mental health and gender gap. They wanted to convey how advisers can effect these statistics within a single infographic. On the back, it will contain questions that works as a quick guide for advisers to help female clients.

ANZ teamed with Persuaders to create a memorable, enlightening infographic that will catch the attention of many.

Mockup of ANZ infographic project on a laptop screen

The brief

ANZ is among the top 4 banks in Australia, the largest banking group in New Zealand and Pacific. Furthermore, they are among the top 50 banks in the world. Their purpose is to shape a world where people and communities thrive. That is why ANZ strives to create a balanced economy in which everyone can take part and build a better life.

With this in mind, ANZ wanted to convey the important role advisers have on women’s financial well-being. They found that one of the most critical issues for women is the financial inequity present later in life.

ANZ aims to inform advisers on International Women’s Day about how they can help change this inequality. They hosted an International Women’s Day breakfast in Sydney with the theme being ‘Balance for Better’.

ANZ approached Persuaders with a list of statistics that concerns women’s financial well-being. They requested us to design an enlightening infographic that can highlight their research. Also, they wanted to provide the attendees of the Women’s Day Breakfast something to engage with and circulate to others.

The solution

ANZ provided us three specific categories in relation to women’s financial well-being. These are insurance, women’s age milestones in insurance and statistics between genders. On the back, we have included bullet point questions for advisers to ask female clients, employees and themselves. These questions are worth asking to help gauge a women’s current situation.

ANZ gave us a set deadline to adhere to which made our timeline quite tight. We worked on designing an infographic that preserved the look and feel of ANZ. It is known that the brain processes visual components more effectively than words. So we paired each statistic with appropriate visual language. This will engage audience and enhance clarity towards the subject.

We worked hard on creating a layout that staged the content in a way that directs the eye across each statistic. We then formatted the infographic to be print ready.

Mockup of ANZ infographic project on a tablet device

The outcome

The Persuaders’ team was able to execute and finalise the project within a week. We provided a 2 page pdf file that was ready for print to be provided to the audience of ANZ’s International Women’s Day breakfast.

By choosing to do an infographic, ANZ is able to cover a wide range of audiences. The page was well-received by their peers and attendees. ANZ was very happy with the speed and craft-work that Persuaders has been able to accomplish. They now display the infographic within their APEX insight site.

Mockup of ANZ infographic design
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