Google brings their team together to showcase success and celebrate collaboration with a Google Slides presentation.

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With an upcoming event on the horizon, Google decided to bring some life to their existing Google Slides template. They knew they wanted to theme the event with the beauty of Australia. But they didn’t have the expertise, time or resources to build a template that could host landscape photography with their colourful branding, that would also work with the various content from their team members. The tech company relied on Persuaders to bring joy, inspire their team and creatively present their work by pulling together the master presentation showcased at the event.

See how we transformed a multi-coloured design in a shared-space platform.

Flat lay mockup screens of Google project on a tablet device

The Brief

Persuaders was approached to update an existing google slides template for an event that brought Google’s Australian teams together to showcase their work and success. We were asked to think creatively to build a series of holding, title, break, session, content and body slides that integrated full-spectrum colour and imagery. To add to the challenge, we didn’t have all the content until much later into the project, so we had to rely on our experience to create flexible slides that the whole team could use.

The Solution

Of course we accepted the project and jumped into planning mode. We considered the usual flow of an event and decided on the number of different layouts required. Then we brought together theme, colour, imagery and icons, and mapped out how the Google Slides would transition through.

Ultimately the slides had placeholders for all types of content and used full bleed imagery to really accentuate the theme of the event.The presentation also was built with different coloured sections to break up the day.

The Outcome

Google’s full-day event resulted in just under 200 slides containing images, text and video content. We created 32 different master slides to keep it interesting and made sure that there were no excuses for repetitive, boring slides. It was after all, the focal point of the whole event!

The platform made it easy for everyone to insert their own work, at their own pace. And with multiple slide options, it allowed the teams to use their own creative flair and make it their own.

Flat lay mockup screens of Google project on digital devices
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