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What do you need from me to get started?

From a design job to a corporate narrative or strategic story telling – every project is a little bit different. Whether you’ve got a brief ready to go or you’re not sure where to begin, contact us and we’ll set up a 15min Meet & Greet to go through your needs. As a start, you might like to have a read through this blog and infographic to help you develop an effective creative brief.

Can I have a brief chat with you guys about my project or communication problem?

Sure! We love helping our clients solve their weird and wonderful problems.

It’s easy, all you need to do is set up a 15min Meet & Greet and we’ll chat through your problem and discuss how we can best help you solve it.

How do you normally work?

Collaboratively. We want you to feel as though we’re an extension of your team when you take on a project with Persuaders. We’ll dig into the overarching goals of the business as they pertain to the work we’re completing, so we can help you deliver on them. Before we begin, we’ll discuss the best way forward to ensure that you get everything you need throughout the process.

Generally speaking, each project you undertake with Persuaders will include the following:

  • 15min meet & greet
  • Proposal meeting
  • Concept presentation
  • Full project execution and amends
  • Packaging and delivery

We’ll ensure regular communication, so you’re always across the process.

I’m a startup and my budget is very small – can we still work together?

Whilst we would love to be instrumental in getting every startup off the ground, we do find ourselves better able to service those startups with Series A round of funding and beyond. Usually, by this stage of growth, there are dedicated funds for sales, marketing and new investment pitching. Generally speaking, the majority of our work is consultancy based and starts at $15k + GST and goes up from there. If you have a draft pitch deck, we provide a 1-hour review service at $480 + GST per hour. 

What’s the average time required for a project?

Generally speaking, we suggest 4 weeks in order to allow enough time for circulation and review at each stage without having to rush your team. That being said, we will always do our best to meet your deadlines.

If you have a tight timeline, we will advise up front what is required in terms of turnaround times for amends and supplied assets before we proceed.

For much larger projects, like a full pitch system, the process can extend to about 12 weeks, as you’ll walk away with a valuable sales enablement tool that your team can use as you grow.

Is making design changes a complex process?

Every time you engage Persuaders for a project, your formal estimate will include rounds of amends. How many rounds will depend on your specific needs. However, sometimes changes are required after the project is complete.

PowerPoint presentations and Word Docs are the easiest documents to make changes in, should you need to revise some of your data or copy. We know that these are living documents and most clients need the flexibility to edit their content on the fly after we have delivered the files. That being said, our team is poised to action any slide amends that are beyond your capability or need that need extra love.

Our PowerPoint Templates are technically sound, so you can be assured that they won’t break. Let the reset button be your friend when consistency is key! 

If you have another design like an infographic, explainer video or a report built in InDesign, it will be best to action these edits or rework at our studio, as these will likely require professional design programs. If these edits fall out of scope we will work with you to provide cost-effective amends when you need it. Think of us an extension of your team.


Is it possible to make colour or copy changes, add animations or imagery, and add more layouts once the project is completed?

Sure! If we created a presentation or word document for you, you may be able to do this yourself. However, if you’d rather leave to the experts or require changes to something more complex, like an explainer video or infographic, we’re happy to jump in and help.

If your project is already complete, this will incur additional fees, but we’ll do our best to make this as cost effective as possible for you.

What is an infographic?

An infographic is the cross-section of data, design, function and storytelling. Humans are visual beings and our brain processes visuals 60,000x faster than words. As such, infographics are a great way to tell a data story. By using infographics, you can clearly and quickly convey complex information and/or share the key takeaways from a lengthy document. 

Check out some of the infographics we’ve created and learn more about how we can help you build an awesome infographic.

I’m wondering what to include in an infographic

The unique combination of data presented with visual storytelling is the key driver behind the popularity of infographics. In an age where data is everywhere, this type of tool has become commonplace for all types of business.

Here are four things to consider when preparing to build an infographic :

1) A Data Story

A good infographic starts with a solid story. What are the key messages you want to relay to your audience? Why is it relevant to them? How do you want them to respond? Including bits of written and visual content around the numbers can help draw out the story and strengthen retention.

2) Visual Style and Flow

People expect professional visuals when they are looking at an infographic. Information should be arranged in a logical way, with visuals that appeal to your target audience. Here are some simple tips:

3) Valuable information

One of the most important aspects of an infographic is the information that you include. It should be on a topic that is valued by your primary audience. By addressing customer concerns, you can use your infographic to give them the valuable information they want while handling customer objections.

4) Call to action

Don’t forget that your infographic should always have an end goal. Why did you make it? What action do you want your audience to take? Consider adding your social handles and contact details. Never assume people know what you want them to do. Having a clear call to action removes any doubt and drives ROI.

What is an interactive infographic?

An interactive infographic takes the standard infographic and takes it to the next level. Using graphics and charts to visualise data, while also incorporating dynamic elements, like questions or pop-ups. This combination allows users to explore a dataset for themselves – often by providing details on mouseover, giving different coordinated views, or panning and zooming. By integrating interactive elements as the user navigates through your infographic, visitors can see how their beliefs, results or problems directly compare to the larger data set in real-time.

What is a pitch deck?

A pitch deck is a brief yet persuasive presentation, often used by sales teams or to attract investment. Not only do these pitch presentations educate a prospect or customer about your product or service offering, but they seek to influence their purchase decisions.

These pitch deck presentations are often created using PowerPoint, Keynote, Prezi or live as an Interactive PDF, and can be instrumental in persuading your audience to take action.

At Persuaders, we’ve assembled a team of experts to deliver a comprehensive pitch program that ensures you’ll always put your best foot forward. If you know what you want to say and just need the visuals to match your message, we can do that too.

How do I make a good pitch?

When you’re investing time and money into creating pitch deck, you want to be sure it’s going to help you win.

There are a number of components that work together to deliver a solid pitch deck.

These include:

  • A narrative strategy – what is your brand story and how can you weave that into your sales/investor pitch?
  • Professional, on-brand design that engages the audience and makes you memorable.
  • A well-practised, winning delivery.
  • If you want to take it up a notch, we encourage you to dig deep into the customer experience to really understand what’s driving your audience. This information will serve as a powerful foundation for your messaging and communication styles.

Lucky for you, we cover it all – from CX through narrative, pitch design and coaching you through the delivery, our platinum pitch system will ensure you and your team are fully prepared to win.

I want to know how to make a PowerPoint presentation

Let’s be real. The phrase “death by PowerPoint” did not come from nowhere. It is very real and very painful.

To be effective and engaging, PowerPoint requires you to cleverly demonstrate design skills, technical literacy, and showcase your personal sense of style – no easy feat! 

No matter how well spoken your presentation is, a bad visual experience can ruin it for the audience. Lucky for you, we’re experts in PowerPoint and can create bespoke presentations or reports for your business. We can also design multi-purpose templates for the team to use. 

Need to be hands on, but worried about stuffing it up? We offer 1/2 day and full day PowerPoint training workshops, covering tips and tricks as well as basic design techniques. We’ll have your mastering your presentations in no time!

In the meantime, check out our top five tips for creating awesome slides:

  1. Keep it simple.
  2. Limit bullet points and text.
  3. Don’t distract with poor use of transitions and animation. If you want to use a transition between slides, keep it consistent throughout the presentation. 
  4. Use high-quality graphics.
  5. If appropriate (and available), embed a video to break it up a bit.
What is the difference between a Slide Library and a Master Template?

Templates ensure all staff have a tool that helps the business retain brand consistency and put your best foot forward.

When you work with us to design and build a corporate presentation template for your organisation, you can be assured we create these to be technically sound and easy to use for anyone on the team.

Master Template

What is it?

A Master Template is a base form of a PowerPoint template that houses everything in it’s Master slides, and nothing on the ‘front end’. This keeps the file size minimal, allowing it to be easily emailed. Templates can also be built using Keynote and Google Slides, but we find PowerPoint has the most functionality.

Features & benefits 

  • Small file size
  • .potx file can’t be overwritten
  • No pre-populated slides (no existing slides to delete every time you open the presentation template)
  • Theme, charts, fonts and colour files are contained. When installed correctly, these can be pre-loaded into the program for use across the team.
  • Unless the user knows how to access the Master slides, they won’t be able to edit the layouts and main elements of the template. This removes the temptation for staff to edit approved branding.


Slide Library

What is it?

A PowerPoint template’s Slide Library showcases all the possibilities and examples for slide layouts and its contents. Slide libraries often include basic how-tos and best practises, as well as key elements, including styled charts, brand approved icons, and more.

The Slide Library houses these elements on the ‘front end’ for ease of copying, sharing and re-using when building presentations.

Features & benefits 

  • Slightly larger file size (dependant on how many slide feature in this file)
  • .potx file can’t be overwritten
  • Pre-populated slides
  • Ideal for an icon suite, logos, all styled tables, charts
    and complex diagrams, and commonly used slides with elements that need to sit on the ‘front end’.
  • Elements that aren’t locked into a master slide will be accessible from this library of slides.
See some of the templates we’ve built.
How can I add/remove/update data once the final report has been made?

If your report has been created using PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote, you will have full editing abilities to jump in and change the data as needed. The same applies for Word and Google docs.

Where things get a bit trickier is when we’re using design software, such as InDesign to create a report. There is a tool called InCopy that should allow you to make small text changes. However, you may need to come back to our team to handle larger updates. If this situation arises when the job has already been completed, additional charges may be incurred. We will provide a formal estimate for your approval before we begin any work.

If you anticipate a lot of changes down the line, we absolutely recommend using PowerPoint. You’ll get a fantastic, on brand design that you can edit easily.

You may also want to consider building a template for your business, so you can have pre-designed professional layouts to populate and build your own reports with ease. Email us at and have a chat with our team about the best solution for you.

What is an annual report and how can I create one?

An annual report is a comprehensive report that documents a company’s activities and finances during the previous financial year. This is typically created for stakeholders or other interested parties to inform them on the company’s highlights and financial performance.

Unfortunately, many annual reports are text heavy and visually plain, making them unlikely to engage the target audience. It’s important to remember that those who are reading your Annual Report already have a valid interest in your company, which poses an incredible opportunity for you. Don’t let that opportunity pass you by because of a lacklustre and dull report.

Through strategically crafting the words and visuals of your document you can create an annual report that portrays a unique, engaging and memorable experience for your audience. Learn more about building an annual report here, and give us a call to get started!

Why would I need professional design for internal communications?

Internal communication plays a huge role in aligning people behind common goals. Having consistent design and branding across internal documents and other communications serves multiple purposes, including:

  • Having both internal and external communications on brands, improves the consistency and professionalism of your business. The impression your staff have of the business will inevitably rub off on your clients and suppliers.
  • Ensuring all staff are familiar with the brand and that anything they create is aligned (templates are great for this and PowerPoint training or Story Sliding can help your team shine).
  • You’ll always be prepared. What happens if a client, investor or board member wants to see a document that is generally just used by the team? Do you want to show them something unbranded and poorly laid out? Ensuring that all internal communications are properly designed and used can help you avoid these situations and always look your best.

If you don’t have a complete brand ready to go, we can help with that too. Check out the details here and get in touch via email at

Why would I need an explainer video?

Are your service offerings hard to explain? Do you find that your message isn’t being retained by your customers? Are you boring your audience with too much text?

If so, then you need an explainer video! People tend to avoid tasks that require too much brain power. Considering that visual content is processed 60,000 times faster than text, it’s undeniable that consumers are more likely to absorb and retain content in a video format and will often choose video over text when given a choice.

As more brands turn to explainer videos for their websites, emails and social media channels, consumers are beginning to expect videos from brands they engage with. Make sure you’re at the top of your game with a clear, effective explainer video.

How can videos help my business?

There are many reasons explainer videos are good for your businesses. Here are just four of the many benefits:

  1. Increase conversion rates
    According to a survey conducted by Video Rascal, 85% of audiences are more likely to purchase a product once they have viewed an explainer video about that product.
  2. Clarify the objective of your message
    Humans process visuals a whopping 60,000x faster than text. Explainer videos help you deliver a concise and engaging message in a memorable way.
  3. Help your audience retain information
    People can recall 65% of the visual content that they see almost three days later. By comparison, most people only recall 10% of written content three days after it is read. Explainer videos make it easy for your audience to understand and remember your message.
  4. Make your pitch entertaining
    If you need to cover a lot of information in a sales or investor pitch, you may lose the crowd at some point. Liven up your pitch by including a video. PowerPoint slides with a bunch of words and charts don’t do much to engage your audience. However, a well-placed video with a solid script and engaging visuals can capture the attention of your audience and help you secure that win. They can also be used as supplementary tools to send before or after a pitch.
What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that focuses on explaining a key message in a simple yet engaging way. Utilising clear, appealing and attractive visuals that quickly grab the viewer’s attention, these videos can be both informational and educational.

People are 10x more likely to engage with a video than any other form of content, so it’s no doubt that these are valuable assets for any business.

Explainer videos are often animated, but can also be produced using film, b-roll and a mix of graphics. You can choose to have a voiceover with a carefully crafted script or just include a few key points for the audience in written format.

Is it possible to change the music of the explainer video?

Sure! This will require our animator to apply the new music and render the video again so it’s fit for use. As such, fees will incur. Send as an email at to discuss.

Please note – if this is an existing video that was not created by Persuaders, we will need all raw files. We can review details with you on the phone.

Can I make changes to the voice over talent, if the previous one is not satisfactory?

If you’re creating a video with Persuaders, we’ll always discuss your voice over preferences and provide at least three auditions before moving to the final recording. Generally, most voice over artists will allow for a second recording, if the first is unsatisfactory.

If you agree to move ahead with the full video production and decide later on that you want a new voice over artist to record, we can make these changes for you but fees will apply.