How to create a killer sales presentation for your startup

Anyone in the startup phase of a business is likely to have a never ending ‘to do’ list.

In this game, it’s crucial to know where your priorities lie, so you can get a return on your valuable time.

With that in mind, almost one-third of small businesses (30.9%) say their primary goal is driving sales.

We agree that boosting sales should be a top priority for any startup founder – it’s a process that validates your business model, products and services while generating that must-have revenue for growth and development.

You might be thinking “How is a startup sales presentation any different?”

Well, unlike more established businesses that often build presentations on a foundation of assumed in-market awareness – as a startup, you need to present a new idea, service or product that likely doesn’t exist in the market yet. You’ll need to prove that there’s demand and potential for strong growth.

It’s about getting off on the right foot with your audience and be created in a way that makes it easy to refine as your business evolves.

So, let’s get started!

Why should we care?

Anyone watching your presentation will be looking to find something unique about your business and understand how it will benefit them. Capture their attention but talking about common problems that the audience (or your end consumer, if you’re presenting to investors) experience.

This presents a situation that people can relate to and builds the foundation for you to move into how awesome your business is now that you’re here to solve the problem and save the day!

Who are you and what are you doing?

Explain who you are and why you’re qualified to solve this problem for your customers. Do you have relevant experience (this also includes experience with essential skills needed to run a business, like finance)? What have you done to prepare and research this product?

Just remember to keep it high level. There’s no need to read our your CV to the crowd. Hit them with the highlights.

Prove it!

You’ve grabbed the audience’s attention with promises of amazing things but beware – it won’t last unless you quickly move on with some credible proof.

Seize your opportunity to share customer and/or partner testimonials, case studies and impressive statistics that substantiate the performance of your products or services.

We’re social beings, so social proof is necessary! Reports suggest customer testimonials nearly always outperform sales copy.  High-quality images and sharp graphical representations in line with your brand could also do wonders for delivering a more credible and engaging story.

How your unique solution works   

At this stage of your presentation, you will have achieved two things: You’ll have built a rapport with your potential customers and convinced them you have something to offer that’s worthwhile.

However, when it comes to really understanding how your products or services work in real-life scenarios, will your verbal explanations be enough to convince investors to part with their money? Not necessarily.

Try creating an explainer video or even a simple product demo to give them the real experience and strengthen their connection to, and interest in, your business.

What’s next?

Don’t ruin all that hard work by dropping the ball right at the end. Your last slide should always contain a call to action.

Never assume that people know what you want them to do! For your customers, tell them the next step in their journey with you (e.g., sign up here, buy today, schedule a consultation). For investors, tell them what you’re asking and what they’ll be receiving in return (equity, profit share, etc).

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