Make a killer first
impression with the
perfect elevator pitch.

Elevator Pitch Workshop

Learn how to memorably explain your business in 
less than a minute.


Workshop overview

Get your audience coming back for more with a well-crafted elevator pitch.

Craft an elevator pitch that compels your listener to take action. In this workshop, we take participants through a simple yet powerful three-step elevator pitch formula. This method engages listeners by focusing on alleviating their problems, as opposed to simply offering a verbal CV that will bore them to tears.


Workshop content

Build an emotional connection with your audience using a pitch-perfect framework.

Learn how to structure your elevator pitch in a way that directly engages your audience and builds rapport.

Did you know?

Award-winning pitch presenters actually say that a good pitch should be done in less than three minutes. We’ll help you pitch succinctly with a narrative-based opener that not only grabs an audience’s attention, but will keep them coming back.

Workshop content

What we’ll cover in the training:

After learning the methodology, participants will be given the opportunity to practise both independently and in a role-play activity. This highly practical, interactive workshop gives participants the clarity and confidence needed to deliver an influential elevator pitch.

  • Pitching groundwork
    Discover the underlying principles of communication and how platforms leverage these key themes.

  • Elevator pitch formula
    Understand how a simple but powerful formula can revolutionise the way you currently talk about your business.

  • Get expert feedback
    Engage in activities built to transform your current pitch performance with instant feedback.


Workshop outcomes

What can you expect to learn?

Walk away with resources and insights garnered from facilitators who are passionate about finding ways to improve your customer communications.

  • Persuasive principles
    Learn communications tips that will make you more memorable.

  • Performance review
    Unpack insights about how you naturally perform and how to enhance these qualities.

  • Audience first
    Position yourself perfectly with potential clients and set your business up for success.

  • Keep them hooked
    Develop your ability to sell, maintain attention, and generate buy-in.



What our participants say

The sessions went really well! It was exactly what I was looking for and ticked all the boxes and more! The coach was fantastic.

Alan Arnott, Founder, Docustream

My customised 1:1 coaching sessions with Persuaders provided me with practical tips and techniques that I will easily put into practise. What’s more, this information was presented in such a way that I feel confident passing these skills onto my team to improve their performance as well.

James Connors, MLC

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We’re people-people and love to work with teams in person.

We’re people-people and love to train teams in person.

We can come to you or host at our offices in the Sydney CBD.

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Not in Sydney?
Prefer a virtual setting?

No problem! We’ll split your team into groups of up to six to conduct digital sessions. We’ll make sure your team gets maximum engagement through the sessions at no extra charge!