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Navigating Re-entry: one post-baby step at a time

"As a Mum who has had to navigate this period of re-entry a couple of times recently, I've put pen to paper to share some of the lessons I had to learn (and re-learn) about stepping slowly back into things."

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Three Simple Steps to a Powerfully Persuasive Elevator Pitch

What separates a great business elevator pitch from a mediocre one? Follow a simple, three step format to connect with and intrigue your audience.

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Tips From a CX Expert to Help You Empower Your Team and Lead Virtual Workshops

We spoke with CX expert, Phil Cross, about the best ways to lead a journey mapping session - or any workshop - in a virtual setting.

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Can You Have One Brand Story and Still Personalise Your Marketing? We Think So.

Personalisation is critical to effective marketing, but can you maintain a consistent brand story and still personalise for your audience?

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Use These Two Communications Tactics to Strengthen Your Marketing

Creating a brand story and practising H2H marketing techniques can bring you closer to your client and build brand loyalty.

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Thank you for your patience, perseverance and outstanding work. Please pass on our thanks to the broader team too. It’s been great to work with you, so thanks for supporting us in getting this piece over the line.

Cathy Oosterman, Manager, Shareholder, AGL

We have been really pleased with the work Jacqui and her team have undertaken for AGL, giving us impactful content that helps us tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way – and always being flexible, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach.

James Hall, General Manager, Capital Markets, AGL
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