vitamins@work launches a fresh new product to improve workplace performance.

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  • Awareness
  • Design
  • Strategy

vitamins@work recruited Persuaders to design a dynamic and vibrant brand that would differentiate them from competitors in the vitamin subscription market.

vitamins@work offers special blends of vitamins and minerals for businesses to supply for their staff, improving productivity in the workplace.

Rather than individuals, Vitamins@Work targets professional audiences of senior executives and their support, as well as HR and Culture teams. Persuaders were asked to develop brand elements that reflected Vitamins@Work’s personality and generated audience interest to encourage subscription sign ups.

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The Brief

As a new business, vitamins@work had all production and product elements in place, but lacked a brand identity.

During our briefing session with Founder and CEO, Adam Cordner, the Persuaders team was informed that vitamins@work were targeting a professional audience, but they weren’t afraid to stand out. In fact, they wanted a bright, colourful brand to catch the attention of busy professionals in their workplace.

Our team was charged with delivering all key brand elements, including:

  • Logo design
  • Colour palettes
  • Patterns
  • Brand fonts
  • Photography
  • Icons

The solution

Persuaders focused on what defines vitamins@work and took the time to understand the brand’s personality and values. Our design team then tested different elements to ensure that the most eye catching and effective branding was delivered.

In the process of creating a full brand design, our team conducted a competitor analysis to determine the market gaps that would strengthen and differentiate vitamins@work subscription service. Through this analysis, we confirmed that there was a gap in the vitamin subscription marketplace for those focused specifically on performance in the workplace.

Persuaders utilised certain colours, patterns and icons that were carefully considered in relation to audience engagement in a professional setting. Ultimately, our team delivered cohesive designs that related to the product and would stand out, piquing the curiosity of professionals in their office kitchens.

After the brand guidelines were delivered, vitamins@work enlisted our team to deliver all product packaging and launched successfully with strong engagement and positive feedback.

The outcome

At the end of the project, we delivered:

  • Full suite of logos, including stacked, B&W and variations for all brand colours
  • Fonts and instructions for use
  • Primary and secondary colour palettes; also broken down by corporate and lifestyle, with instructions relating to the qualities and emotions linked with those colours, so appropriate colour palettes could be selected for new products.
  • Patterns
  • Photography instructions
  • Custom icons

vitamins@work were so delighted with their brand guidelines, they have since re-enlisted Persuaders to design their brand packaging and shipping boxes.

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