Navia needed a hybrid pitch system to win over potential clients and a touchstone for the teams' communications.

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When Navia was given the opportunity of a lifetime – pitch for a multi-million dollar tender – they came to us. They had just rebranded, but weren’t left with the clarity or tangible collateral needed to succinctly articulate their value. They needed to generate a winning 1 hour pitch that positioned themselves as both global and boutique, agile and established, systematic yet personable. They wanted to showcase their technical prowess and industry experience in a way that was clear and avoided jargon. They trusted us to clarify their brand story and create a fully-integrated pitch system in under seven weeks.

Mockup of Navia project on a computer screen

The brief

Navia needed to win the pitch by explaining a highly technical solution in a personable and compelling way. Like their competitors they were given one hour and very strict tender parameters. In order to unseat the incumbent they needed to move beyond merely providing a technical solution but demonstrate how they would solve deeper and more strategic concerns. This required identifying the real drivers for their audience and making the pitch genuinely customer-centric.

The solution

After surveying both the company and the individuals making the decision, we reconfigured their pitch from 60 minutes down to 20 minutes. This allowed enough time to articulate a memorable brand story yet set aside the majority of time for Q and A. The panel of logistics managers and financial controllers loved this as they were more involved asking specific questions and there was an engaging back and forth.

We created an “interactive appendix” within the PowerPoint complete with charts, infographics and videos based on FAQs and the tender’s requirements. Case studies were designed in narrative form so the pitch that was as natural and engaging as possible.

Persuaders uncovered the key messages that enhanced the overall pitch, making sure we looked and sounded like the professionals we are. The entire project was a refreshing take on how agile agencies can provide personalised, careful attention that often gets overlooked with larger creative studios.

Simon Borg, CEO, Navia

The outcome

The pitch document was scripted out and we flew to Melbourne to do a walk-through with Navia’s CEO. After half a day’s training with live feedback, confidence was high and any minor issues were ironed out. It was delightful, but came as little surprise, that Navia won the pitch and has now garnered a $12 Million per annum deal. Whilst this is a fantastic result, perhaps what is even more valuable is that the pitch deck has started to become the go-to “touchstone” that both the sales and the marketing division use when they need to explain Navia’s USP to new and prospective clients.

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