Dubber enlisted Persuaders to create branded PowerPoint templates with a range of layouts their team could use in client meetings.

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Dubber is the world’s leading provider of cloud based call recording and voice AI. They work with leading telecommunications services and large corporations around the world, with Australian offices in Sydney and Melbourne.

Early in 2021, Dubber selected Persuaders to assist with the design of PowerPoint templates for their team to use globally.  They had in-house designers and complete brand guidelines, but their designers were not PowerPoint experts and had additional internal projects to focus on. As such, they opted to work with Persuaders due to our in-depth knowledge of PowerPoint the process we follow to expertly build templates for teams.

Read on to see Dubber’s new branded PowerPoint templates. 

The Brief

Dubber’s priority was to create a PowerPoint template that was to create a template that was suitable for client facing documents. As they have a large team and massive clients around the world, they needed this template to be structurally sound, easy to use, visually appealing and on-brand.

Dubbers team chose to proceed with 15 key layouts for the template, with the option to add more as their needs expanded or changed.

The solution

We started by reviewing a variety of presentations used by the Dubber team. This allowed us to evaluate common layouts used by their team so we could prioritise their needs.

We also conducted an initial kick off meeting with Dubber’s CMO and Lead Designer to discuss brand elements and styles they preferred, things to avoid, and other nuances relating to their specific business and use of PowerPoint templates.

From there, our team built a conceptual design of three fully designed slides to review with the client. We also created wireframes for the additional slide layouts proposed for the remaining 12 slides.

Once we had made required amends and Dubber was happy with the concepts and wireframes, we proceeded to build out the full template.

As requested by the client, the final files included little instructional notes in green on the “front end” and provided to the team, so they could use those slides and delete the green notes. However, all layouts were built as master slides so anyone could open a blank PowerPoint and still have all layouts as options (without the notes) if they were comfortable using templates.

The outcome

Dubber achieved their objective of obtaining impressive looking, easy to use, fully branded templates that they could roll out to their team.

many different slides from Dubber's template lined on an angle in rows
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