A brand recognisable powerpoint template, made by us created for Mirvac to increase brand awareness.

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Flatlay mockup screens of Mirvac project

Client Need

Mirvac has a multitude of business units within their company. They are constantly releasing presentations and reports targeting separate audiences. The layout and format of their PowerPoint and Word documents are ever-changing. Therefore, they decided to increase brand awareness by having a consistent representation of their brand. This led to the idea of implementing templates into their company assets. Mirvac contacted Persuaders for assistance. Together, we assembled a sophisticated suite of Microsoft Office templates.

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The brief

Mirvac is a leading, diversified Australian property group with over 45 years of experience in the property industry. They wanted to boost their brand identity.

Mirvac are constantly creating presentations and documents for their employees and investors. Hence, they decided templates that can be used across the business units of Mirvac will further strengthen their brand image. Company templates will make their brand recognisable within every presentation and report. The consistency of representation will grow the brand awareness.

Mirvac contacted Persuaders for their assistance with creating on-brand templates. These would then be universally used within their company. We were asked to create both PowerPoint and Word document templates. We aim to display the core essence of the brand through the templates. In addition, the Persuaders’ team also aims to keep the templates looking clean, professional and engaging.

The Solution

Persuaders worked through supplied content and brand assets from Mirvac. This is to discover consistencies in their previous files and identify the areas of improvements. Furthermore, it also helps us gain greater context on how the templates would be used and viewed. We brainstormed on how to achieve a visually appealing approach that is also functionally sound. As the templates will be used across the business units, it needed to be easy to use and be versatile. Hence, we provided 3 services:

Flatlay mockup screens of Mirvac project

The Outcome

Mirvac received a suite of professional, polished Persuaders’ products and services.

This included a master PowerPoint template with three training sessions and five Word templates. These templates are clear, straightforward and can save an exceptional amount of time. Above all, they strongly present Mirvac’s brand and maintains a consistent look and feel. Overall, the training sessions were beneficial and insightful. Having three sessions, one off-site and two onsite, allowed template users to have ample opportunities to attend and learn. In conclusion, Mirvac was very pleased with the outcomes supplied by Persuaders.

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