AGL 2018 Investor Day Event

Setting the stage to communicate clear, well thought-out business plans and a solid strategy to meet a future full of challenges and opportunities.

Client Need

In 2018 AGL had identified a significant change in the energy sector. New and emerging technologies were now providing a clean energy future.

With this change, investments and expectations of clients needed to be managed. This meant AGL needed to communicate with key advisors on what those changes were.

AGL identified key investors that they wanted to be involved in the project and set about planning an event to communicate these new opportunities in future energy needs. As part of the event, a range of collateral needed to be created.

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146 slides designed


Slides designed

Financial Advisor and Analyst attendees


Financial Advisor and Analyst attendees

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002  Videos created


Videos created

Booth and 3D Map Props designs


Booth and 3D Map Props designs

The Brief

AGL was to hold an exclusive Investor Day Event. At the event would be 3 booths with key energy information on new investment opportunities.
In a time of change, facing a demanding future, this exclusive Investor Day Event set the stage for AGL. We were to communicate AGL’s most important messages and their approach to the future of Energy. The message would be to a curated audience of high-level financial advisers.

The Solution

To maximise interaction and engagement with the audience, we created animated screen content and a 3D printed map. These demonstrated AGL’s most important assets and strategies for the future.
We also put together an engaging presentation template. This tied together the 4 presenters segments both visually and in messaging.

The Outcome

The communication suite contributed to a balanced, well-designed and professional Investor Day. We were able to bring clarity and embed security into AGL’s shareholders. The great success of the Investor Day was reflected by winning the “Best Investor Day – by an Australasian Company” in the AIRA’s 2018 Industry association’s Awards Gala.

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