An informative explainer video created by us to showcase AGL’s new Investor Strategy.

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Client Need

In 2017 and 2019, AGL announced a refreshed strategic view of their priorities. They teamed with Persuaders to help communicate their refreshed strategy to their audience. AGL aims to utilise Persuader explainer videos to communicate their strategy. The strategic imperative video will assist in getting their employees and investors on board with the same vision for the future. The AGL animated explainer videos focuses on clear and promising deliverables. The Persuaders team delivered quality and efficiency within tight deadlines

The Brief

AGL operates Australia’s largest electricity generation portfolio. They believe in sustainable, secure and affordable energy and focus their yearly strategies on ways of improving this. AGL wanted to make their strategies memorable and stand out to investors. They decided they were in need of an engaging and informative explainer video. The videos will highlight the key takeaways of their strategy. It will also distinguish AGL in the market as a progressive Australian company. AGL has asked for the continual help of Persuaders to create an explainer video that showcases their brand and captivates the audience.

The strategic imperatives video of 2017 focuses on three key things. That is, prospering in a carbon-constrained future, building advocacy and becoming more customer-centric. In 2019, AGL’s strategic imperatives video shifts to growth, transformation and social license. From the videos, they want the audience to feel excited and optimistic about the future.

The Solution

Using our four phase method, we broke down the AGL strategy imperatives into stages for creation. We gain AGL’s approval at each stage to streamline the project and collaborate with them. Following their brand update in 2017, we produced style-frames that visualises the flow of the video. The frames have a clean and clear design and encapsulates their brand aesthetics. These frames are used to create an overarching storyboard that establishes the timing, sound and motion. We analyse the content and set an appropriate pace that allows the audience to absorb the information.

Once everything has been established through the style frames, we can then bring the illustrations to life. The animation synchronises with narration to create a pleasant journey for the audience. The transitions are smooth so that the viewer is not distracted away from what matters.

Using the same method, we built the 2019 strategic priorities animated explainer video. During this project, we provided additional services. One extra service is, we provided another copy of the video with burnt-in subtitles for their audience with hearing impairment. We also provided vertical versions of the video that are cut into short iterations. These vertical videos will be utilised in future AGL presentations, display purposes and social media.

The Outcome

Though both projects had a tight timeline for a complex job, we were able to deliver a high level animation on time. The outcome was a highly engaging 3 minute condensed and polished explainer video for both years. The strategic imperative videos depicted mini-scenes and future-state scenarios. Persuaders produced a lively illustrative style that emanates the AGL’s new look and feel.

They display their 2019 explainer video with pride on their website under ‘Our Strategy’. The portrait signage continues to be used throughout their company social media and displays.

Thank you for your patience, perseverance and outstanding work. Please pass on our thanks to the broader team too. It’s been great to work with you, so thanks for supporting us in getting this piece over the line.

Cathy Oosterman, Manager, Shareholder, AGL

We have been really pleased with the work Jacqui and her team have undertaken for AGL, giving us impactful content that helps us tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way – and always being flexible, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach.

James Hall, General Manager, Capital Markets, AGL
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