Explainer videos – The top 10 reasons why every business needs one

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First thing’s first – what exactly is a Persuader video? You’ve probably heard of an “explainer video” – these are videos that explain and demonstrate your product or service in a short amount of time (brevity being the key here). But really, they’re so much more than that. Explainer videos are a great medium for businesses to reveal their brand personality, engage with potential customers, but most importantly – persuade them to convert!

.That’s right, we’re using the word “Persuader” because while everyone knows the importance of engaging and informing an audience, this counts for nothing unless they deliver a lasting impact which encourages new business.  The benefits of persuader videos cut across every industry sector and can be realised by all businesses, large or small (because they’re incredibly cost-effective to produce too). Here are a few of the many advantages they could bring to your business.

The fastest way to explain your product or service (reliably)

With so much content online, it’s getting harder to cut through noise. In fact, you’ll only have a few seconds to grab the attention of visiting prospects and make that all-important impact. Persuader videos are skillfully crafted to persuasively deliver your entire pitch – usually within 1 to 2 minutes – and because it’s video you don’t have to worry about human error; it’ll hit the mark every time. 

Building your brand with personality

Facts and figures alone won’t do much to amplify your brand – anyone can put these down on paper. Persuader videos are a great opportunity to showcase true brand personality by educating your audience through an entertaining mix of tone of voice, language, animation, music, colour, and of course – energy. That’s what really resonates with customers and clients.

Visuals are more memorable

It’s true – people remember more from what they see than what they read and hear. In fact, the human brain processes visual information 60,000 times faster than text. So, if you really want customers to learn enough about your product or service to be left with a lasting impression, video is the way to go. And even if they don’t make a purchase or engage your services, that’s OK, because you’ve successfully raised awareness!

A valuable sales tool

Simply, one of the best things about persuader videos is – once it’s done, it’s done. They can be played thousands of times (for free!) and they won’t wear out. This means, rather than having sales staff explain concepts over and over, your video will take care of this while your sales team spend time on other things – like converting new leads. Persuader videos are also a great way to ensure information delivered to every customer is accurate and consistent.

Works well with social media

The popularity of video on social media is booming. Did you know 45 per cent of people watch more than an hour of video on Facebook or YouTube each week? With video content across mainstream social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter set to explode over the next few years, an persuader video will be the best way for your business to join the party and be seen.

Makes tricky concepts easy to understand

Depending on the industry, it’s not always easy to explain what your business does and your why clients and customers need your product or service. This usually involves introducing a new problem and persuading them that you’re the one with the right solution. Persuader videos succinctly take viewers on that journey, rather than leaving them to their own devices to interpret large chunks of text.

Boosts website SEO

When it comes to websites, search engines have become incredibly sophisticated in their efforts to sort the good from the bad. The amount of time visitors spend on your website is one of the biggest factors a search engine will use to determine your website’s ranking. Persuader videos are the best way to captivate even the hardest to please for a minute or two. Videos are a good indicator of content quality too – another way in which search engines will evaluate your site.

Increase conversion rates

Persuader videos can help businesses and their sales staff identify the most popular products or services simply by keeping track of the views. Customer and clients are also far more likely to make further enquiries or buy a product or service once they’ve seen a persuasive video they’ve been inspired to trust. Some businesses have even reported a 20 per cent increase in conversion rates after introducing an persuader video to their website.

Highly shareable

Of course, a great piece of written content bursting with information is always worth sharing, but if you can squeeze a little entertainment value into a neatly designed video, that’s just another great reason to share the fun. There are also other popular platforms to host videos aside from your website such as Vimeo or YouTube. When it comes to maximising your exposure – who would turn down some free marketing?

Increased click-through

Potential prospects are more likely to become hooked by a persuader video, which means they’ll probably get right to the end having learned everything you hoped they would. Armed with knowledge, viewers will feel more compelled to click-through to find out more. Seriously – winning their attention really is half of the game.


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