Qantas' important communication initiative will enable more passengers to access their in-flight wifi, whilst they travel domestically.

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Shot of qantas wifi instructional video on the screen at the bulkhead of the economy section. Screen shows someone turning on wifi and says

Client Need

In 2017 Qantas Airways upgraded its aircraft on all domestic routes to include a wifi service.

The wifi was a key area of improvement as most customers had indicated that this was a highly desirable service.

As a result of this research, Qantas is planning to bolster the in-flight communications to help drive the free Wi-Fi awareness and usage in flight. One component of the communication initiative is to educate passengers on how to connect to the Wi-Fi to help reduce any ‘not sure how it works’ barriers to usage.

Customers had to be educated to ensure they could enjoy the new Wi-Fi service.

The Brief

Qantas came to the Persuader team to request an educational video. This video had to teach the viewer how to connect to the new inflight Wifi service.

The video should have no dependence on sound. The video would be used as part of the onboarding experience that can often have high levels of ambient sound.

The cabin tends to be noisy at these times and so we needed to capture all the key instructions into the visuals on the screen.

The Solution

Persuader Video was selected as a great tool for the Qantas Wifi campaign.

The issues of sound were solved using typography and characters walking through the Wi-Fi connection steps.

The video had high contrast graphics that meant reflective surfaces or variable light situations should not impact the viewer. This was a critical element to make sure users could take action on the video.

We also ensured a repetitive pattern in the video animations. This meant users had time to engage and respond to what the video was telling them to do.

All together this made for a high performing educational video which communicated the low barrier to entry for Wi-Fi usage on Qantas A300 flights.

The Outcome

As the new instructional Wi-Fi video has been implemented and continues to roll out across the full fleet of A300, Qantas is hopeful that this important communication initiative will aid in getting more passengers up and away on the wifi, whilst they travel domestically.

A simple yet premium, easy-to-understand step-by-step instructional video on how to activate in-flight WiFi on your device, to be played to customers once onboard.

selection of individual shots from the qantas wifi animated explainer video
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