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Now you’ve finely tuned and honed your presentations skills thanks to our last blog post, have you thought about what else is going to make you stand out in your next big pitch?

Prezi is a cloud based presentation software and is being used more and more frequently in big name presentations. The advantages are many, but is it the best choice to engage your audience for your next big pitch or presentation?



There’s no doubt that Prezi is an incredibly impactful means of conveying ideas and content. Its truly interactive approach showcases a unique ability to zoom in and out to see the big picture, allowing the audience to be fully immersed in the story.

Prezi can display media in both 2D and 3D format, as well as easily embedding YouTube videos which, combined with some awesome transitions, gives a much richer visual experience.
The story-telling format is perfect for portraying your company’s ‘journey’ or to celebrate a milestone, however if you are trying to present lots of data or copy heavy material, PowerPoint or infographics are always great alternatives.


The developments in Prezi over the last few years have made it super accessible, with iOS and Android apps available to enable users all over the world to present and watch remotely, ideal for multinational firms or even just to save some travel!
You can even send your mobile-friendly presentation link to your audience beforehand to enable them to follow along and watch directly on their phone or tablet, also encouraging them to ignore their inbox!


  • Prezi has the world’s largest public database of presentations – 190 million presentations have been created in Prezi.
  • Prezi presentations have had a total of 1 billion views!
  • 80% of Fortune 500 companies use Prezi.
  • The Prezi market is massive. There are 60 million Prezi users Worldwide and over 1 million in Australia.
  • The best and most widely viewed Prezi’s have 6.6x more visuals than the average!
  • Prezi users agree the tool makes them more engaging, impactful and overall better presenters.

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Learn how to clean up that messy presentation
  • A five minute worksheet that helps you pinpoint that
    presentations purpose
  • Transform clutters of information into clear and
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  • Win over audiences with a compelling visual


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