Presentation tips to kick start your new year

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Another year begins with another set of well-meant resolutions which will inevitably be broken by the end of January….


Wouldn’t it be great if you made some resolutions which you’ll actually stick to and which will have a major impact on your professional environment… like winning that next big pitch!


Here are a few tips which, if you resolve to stick to in 2016, we can guarantee that your next big presentation will be much more effective and memorable!

Speaker training can be invaluable if you are presenting for the first time or just want to improve your technique. There’s a wealth of experience out there which can improve your skills and ensure you go into your next presentation feeling truly confident!
Analogies are a great way to hook people into your story. Your audience will identify with the familiar, therefore remembering and even sharing your ideas at a later date!
The first 30-60 seconds of your presentation are key. Make sure your audience are engaged from the get-go by starting with a story, a captivating sound-bite or even a series of rhetorical questions.
Music and video are powerful tools that can improve your presentation hugely. People connect emotionally to music and a great piece can massively enhance your presentation.
Hopefully our tips have inspired you to think more visually this year.

Stay tuned for our next blog detailing the pros and cons of Prezi, another new tool to try!

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