Homepage video, landing page video or explainer video? Whatever you want to call them, you’ve probably come across the term “explainer video” and wondered “what the heck is that?”


We’re not sure where the term originated, but the gist is that Explainer videos ‘explain’ what you do, quickly and easily so anyone can understand it.
The easiest way to think of an explainer video is like an elevator pitch. The idea of the elevator pitch is that you should be able to deliver the summary in the time span of an elevator ride, or less than two minutes.  An explainer video helps you to deliver that elevator pitch in a consistent way every time. Whether the person is watching the video at three o’clock in the morning or in the middle of a busy day, an explainer video ensures your message is conveyed clearly and your call-to-action is built so your audience know what to do next.
In June 2013, 85.2% of US internet users watched video and the total number of videos viewed reached 44 billion, a 7% increase from May.
The most popular online video publisher, YouTube receives over 1 billion unique users per month who watch over 6 billion hours of video.
According to Nielsen and the IAB, shifting to digital video can enhance your campaign’s reach at a lower cost. It also makes the campaign’s reach more effective—generating an increase in general recall (+15%), brand recall (+33%), message recall (+45%), and likability (+40%).
In a study from BrightRoll surveying 150 top advertising executives, 91% believe online video is equally or more effective than display advertising, 75% believe it’s more effective than TV, and 68% believe it’s more effective than social media.
This year, time spent with digital media will surpass TV viewing time (average 5:16 hours a week with digital compared to 4:31 on TV).
Another reason explainer videos are effective is they greatly increase conversions. According to Internet Retailer, 52% of consumers say that watching an explainer product video made them more confident in their online purchase decisions and 66% of consumers will watch the video two or more times.
Stay tuned for next fortnight’s blog where we outline the simple process to producing an effective Explainer Video.

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