Top five advantages of interactive PDFs

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Interactive PDF presentations look like print collateral, function like a microsite and integrate multimedia content onto one cost-effective environmentally friendly file. An interactive PDF Presentation is a dynamic tool that will empower your sales team to sell more strategically.


Here are our top reasons as to why an interactive sales presentation is a fantastic sales tool.


  • Integrate a range of formats into one sales tool
  • Interactive PDF Presentations allow you to engage with your audience with videos, website links, case studies, infographics, images and more
  • Your sales team can be ready to present a consistent, on-brand sales presentation at a moment’s notice anywhere in the world
  • An interactive PDF works across multiple platforms from laptops, desktops, smartphones and tablets
  • No compatibility issues – everyone sees the same thing
  • Secure – by converting to a PDF, you have design control
  • Using hyperlinks to create a simple navigation, it is easy for the presenter to tailor the presentation specifically to the present audience
  • Skip content that isn’t relevant and focus on what will help close the sale
  • Interactive PDFs allow for buttons and rollover effects just like on a website – allowing you to hide some of the detail so you present clean and clear slides
  • Creating rollovers for detail information can ensure that a certain topic can be explained in detail when required
  • Using animation can help to better illustrate diagrams or charts by showing an interactive progression with data
  • Relying less on printing means saving time and costs, and also saving valuable natural resources
  • Get more bang for your buck!

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Why bother having a company template?
  • Stop wasting countless hours on patching
    together on-brand presentations
  • Empower your team to build their own
    presentations, from a sound platform
  • Bomb-proof PowerPoint templates that
    ensure your brand’s image



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