Upskill your team
and set them up for successful presenting

Give your staff training that targets their pain points and produces more efficient and engaging communicators.

Ensure your team hits their KPIs and meets hard deadlines. Equip them with the communications skills they need to build and present persuasive business materials.

Produce 50% higher net sales per employee with continuous training.

Get your team working efficiently, producing powerful and emotive communications that influence key stakeholders.

Improve your ROI and inspire your team with practical wisdom, persuasive tactics and real-time feedback in fully interactive training sessions. 

Upskill &

Arm your team with the tools and tactics for producing impactful presentations and speaking publicly – or even just sharing their ideas in meetings.


Learn how to carefully curate presentations with audience centric messages that build trust and negate the need for information overload.


Teach your staff efficiencies and time-saving tips that will have them back, focused on business-critical work in no time.


Boost team confidence with coaching that will ensure a clear message, both visual and verbal, that earns the attention of the room.

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Master your message and own the stage with
Professional Presenting training.

Get ahead of the competition with practical wisdom and insider tips on how to structure, design and deliver persuasive presentations.


Persuaders gave our people the skills needed to use our new powerpoint templates. Persuaders adapted their training content to specifically focus on the most efficient and effective techniques for our particular templates. Our people came away with hands on skills, enabling us to see a true uplift in the quality of our presentations. And all delivered online in an engaging way.

– Ashleigh Crittle
Chief Operating Officer, JANA



I loved it. It gave me a renewed love for PowerPoint and knowing that I don’t need to always ask the graphic designers to be creative. I can certainly make a presentation look a lot more meaningful and interesting now that I have done the training.

– Training Participant 
Salvation Army



Highly practical and can use the training straight away. In my role, presentations to both internal and external audiences are regular. Having a framework to plan with has been super helpful. I will use these tips and strategies in my work.

– Training Participant
NSW Treasury


Talking with others is always a challenge as all kinds of factors can influence interpretations of your message.

Information overload is the biggest problem in communications leading to presenters confusing audiences and slides becoming to overwhelming to take in.


Help your team figure out how to cut through and land their messages on and off screen. Find clarity to stop the tedious back-and-forth, and start speaking with confidence. Build your reputation, get work done faster and communicate clearly to get the most out of your business.

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How clients grow their presenting potential

Persuaders courses were developed from real office experience and continually evolve with feedback from our participants. This ensures you always get the most up-to-date program built to improve your teams’ skills in messaging, creativity and delivery.


Hands-on technical training with a strong design focus and real world application.

Story Sliding

Learn our tested framework for optimal positioning, combined with design techniques for maximum impact.

Public Speaking

Professional speaker training includes practical and personalised tips to get the most out of your natural speaking style.


Learn how to build professional business prowess and executive skills.

Narrative Finding

Learn our Storyselling Framework to create meaningful content and deliver your message in a way that drives action.

Customer Experience

Discover your audience’s drivers, enabling you and your team to deliver messages that resonate and build loyalty.

Visual Voice

Marry your visual and verbal communications to build brand consistency and audience awareness.

Elevator Pitch

Speak to your customers persuasively with a simple and perfectly structured elevator pitch.

Win over your audience with impactful presentations and influential speeches.

Kick start your teams’ journey into persuasive presenting and sign-up to a course that will equip your staff with the practical wisdom they’re lacking.


Develop aligned content


Design with purpose


Master technical efficiencies


Deliver persuasively

How much time is your team losing, preparing and delivering half-baked presentations?  

What reasons hold your communications back from hitting home?

Lacking structure and flow

Content overload and running over time

Cutting corners with copy and paste disasters

Inconsistent slides across team members and departments

Nerve-ridden and unprofessional delivery

Poor stagecraft and presence

Call and tell us your pain points. We’ll tailor a course for you.

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Don’t get bogged down with the logistics

Once you’ve decided on a course, our team will help you coordinate calendars and lock in dates, keeping the process simple and clear.


Phase 1 - Co-ordinating

We’ll ask you to distribute a short questionnaire to all participants from your organisation prior to the start of training to ensure we adjust the content to their specific needs. 


Phase 2 - Training

Worksheets will be sent out the day before training for participants to use throughout the session. The training sessions will be led by industry experts either face-to-face or delivered online.


Phase 3 - Follow up survey

We love feedback! Our team is constantly improving and modifying our courses to suit our clients and ensure we’re the best we can be. We’ll send a short, optional survey to all participants after their session and are happy to share results with you.

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