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Report Design

Get excited to read your business annual report again!

Business Report Design

Share your story through video.

Whether it’s a major annual report or a campaign wrap up, you can enhance your business reports with an improved layout and memorable visuals.

Stop wasting precious time sifting through charts and collecting data. Given that the average annual report is a mind-numbing 155 pages, there’s probably a lot of other stuff you could be doing with the time it takes to pull that together.

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Did you know?

In fact, visuals with colour increase people’s willingness to read a piece of content by 80%. When you have important information to relay, it’s essential to make it visual.


Impress your boss (and your board members) with highly visual reports. With Persuaders, you can give boring business reports the boot. Turn plain charts and data into easy to understand, visually pleasing graphics that improve audience retention.


We have been really pleased with the work Jacqui and her team have undertaken for AGL, giving us impactful content that helps us tell complex stories in a simple and engaging way – and always being flexible, pragmatic and collaborative in their approach.

James Hall, General Manager, Capital Markets, AGL

Persuaders really helped to design a Community Report that really reflected our organisation and community. They were very prompt and professional.

Katrina Furjanic, Corporate Planning Co-ordinator, North Sydney Council

Persuaders adapted their training content to specifically focus on the most efficient and effective techniques for our particular templates. Our people came away with hands on skills, enabling us to see a true uplift in the quality of our presentations. And all delivered online in an engaging way.

Ashleigh Crittle, Chief Operating Officer, Jana
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What you’ll get from having professionally designed report:

  • Engage your audience – Visuals are proven to increase uptake and retention.
  • Stand out from competitors – If your report is being published, you’ll want to put your best foot forward.
  • Highlight major wins – Images are processed 60,000x times faster than words and remembered 6.5x better later on.


Budget flexibility
Expert insights
Effective structure
Impactful graphs and charts

Does your company have a million different versions of sales presentations and reports?

  • Save time fussing with formatting and layout
  • Bring consistency to your business documents
  • Give your team a valuable tool that can be used across multiple departments
Power Point Training

Take it up a notch with presentations that craft an inspiring story

  • Learn how to define and apply a narrative structure to structure presentations other other communications
  • Discuss the best ways to emotionally engage your audience
  • Pick up tips about little-known persuasion tactics and design techniques
Story Sliding

Master your stage presence with public speaker training

  • Get tips and tricks to master your nerves
  • Practise and get feedback from expert coaches
  • Learn the best ways to structure, prepare and deliver a presentation or speech
Public Speaking Training

Get attention with exciting, informative graphics

  • Share across multiple digital and print channels
  • Proven as one of the most effective ways to relay heavy stats
  • Stand out from the crowd with eye-catching visuals
Infographic Design
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