Narrative Finding

Discover and craft your company’s story to engage and inspire your audience

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Create a brand-story that explains what you do brilliantly.


showcase your unique value


Learning Outcomes ——————


  • Create a clear and compelling story all staff can repeat easily
  • Create the touchstone for all internal and external comms
  • Generate a story that will guide strategic decisions
  • Have confidence that all comms will be congruent and work together
  • Unite your staff under a central story
  • Practical understanding of storytelling techniques and strategies

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Who’s it good for

Anyone who needs their message to land and make an impact

Managers & Executives

Who need to lead with an engaging vision story

Sales & Marketing Roles

Who need to align in marketing messages including Pre-conference / Roadshow workshops


For annual/bi-annual Conference breakout training sessions, pitching and tenders.

“Absolutely amazing. We finally have a clear story that all the staff can use across the busines.”

Managing Director, B2B



Persuaders offer half-day workshops quarterly or booked privately. Contact us for upcoming dates and session times.


This course can be delivered at our premises at The Studio 11 York Street Sydney, or in-house for your organisation.


Time is money! These workshops are done in half-day so there’s no delay. 


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