Elevator Pitch

Craft an elevator pitch that captivates and gets a resounding “Yes”

Workshop Overview


Craft an elevator pitch that compels your listener to take action. Our facilitator will take participants through a simple yet powerful three-step pitch formula. This formula engages listeners by focusing on alleviating their problems, as opposed to simply offering a verbal C.V.

Participants will be guided through populating the pitch framework then given the opportunity to practice both on stage and in a role-play activity. The highly practical and interactive day will bring clarity and confidence to the vital business skill of influencing people.


Stop fumbling and start pitching with confidence.

Become your best asset at this Elevator Pitch workshop.


First impressions are everything


Learning Outcomes
  • Learn a formula to position yourself as valuable and memorable
  • Clarify exactly how you can best position yourself to stakeholders
  • Gain confidence in presenting yourself in small or large groups
  • Enhance your personal presence and ability to build quick rapport
  • Take control of your fear and learn to present yourself naturally
  • Develop your ability to sell, maintain attention, and generate buy-in

Everyone wants to be savvy with their elevator pitch!

Who’s it good for

Anyone who needs their message to land and make an impact

Anyone about to launch a new product or offering

Anyone in/teams across Sales & Marketing roles

Bid & Tender teams


“Super useful and practical. I now know exactly what to say when I meet someone I really need to impress.”

CEO, Freight forwarding Company



Persuaders offer half-day workshops quarterly or booked privately. Contact us for upcoming dates and session times.


This course can be delivered at our premises at The Studio 11 York Street Sydney, or in-house for your organisation.


Time is money! These workshops are done in half-day so there’s no delay. 


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