Customer Experience

Understand and enhance your customer’s path-to-purchase journey

Workshop Overview

Dive deep into who your customers are and how they interact with your organisation.
We’ll map out your current customer journey looking for moments of friction, confusion, and drop-out. Using elements from UX and Design Thinking we’ll help you step into the shoes of your customer and identify the needs, wants and desires that drive them to purchase, or not to purchase.
After identifying shortcomings between your offer and the user journey, we’ll design together the ideal user journey.

Reduce friction, confusion and drop-out with a customer journey workshop.

Generate a customer-centric experience that is seamless and intuitive.


Create raving fans.


Learning Outcomes


  • Gather insights about your customers from across the business
  • Map out your current and ideal customer journey
  • Gain business insights from customer psychographics
  • Discover customer’s unmet needs and how to meet them
  • Identify greenfield opportunities and how to approach them
  • Learn user insights that will guide strategic decisions

Would you like to understand your customers journey?

Who’s it good for

Anyone who needs to discern what experiences matter most to their customers and overcome the shortcomings

Sales Executives & BD Managers

Decision fatigue is real. A staggering 68% of deals end up in ‘No Decision’ due to overwhelm and the customer not being able to decipher your company/offering from the competition.

By learning to be more empathetic and more authoritative, you can lead more customers to a purchase decision feeling empowered. First uncover how they experience you and the Brand. Insights will emerge from the empathy mapping fused with the journey mapping, so you can start to prioritise what areas of education or emotional propulsion are needed. Step into the future knowing that you have crafted a compelling experience that moves a customer to action.

Marketing Managers

Before you head down the busy and often frenetic path of content creation, stop, and take time to think about what your customers REALLY want. Uncover the need for marketing content and ensure your channels offer them at all the precise moments in a sales journey.

A tailored Customer Experience workshop will bring the team together to investigate and challenge current perceptions, that will benefit all customer interactions moving forward.

Stakeholder Engagement Managers

You are responsible for shaping opinions and keeping investors/stakeholders aligned to the organisations vision and investment decisions; one foot in the future and a solid foot in the current economic status. Your communications need to land and instill trust in the stakeholder’s eyes.

However, knowing how to navigate and discern which communications are most pressing and will have a far greater impact, often needs an outside-in approach. Empathy mapping is crucial to really aligning your message to the audience, in times of crisis or downturn in financial results.

“A fun and interactive day that revealed where we were losing customers and showed us how to permanently fix that.”

Head of Sales, S2M



Persuaders offer half-day workshops quarterly or booked privately. Contact us for upcoming dates and session times.


This course can be delivered at our premises at The Studio 11 York Street Sydney, or in-house for your organisation.


Time is money! These workshops are done in half-day so there’s no delay. 


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