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Ever asked yourself: How do I avoid my nerves taking over? Or how do I prepare most effectively for my speech?

Deliver influential speeches with confidence and clarity. Develop strategies for finding inner calm and confidence in your body so your speech will win hearts and minds. Persuaders Public Speaking Training provides end-to-end coaching to ensure your message lands.


There are no second chances for first impressions!

Master content, confidence and connectivity to ensure your speech lands.

This course includes:



  • Speech structure
  • How to use humour to your advantage 
  • Improving stage presence through nonverbal communication 
  • Mastering anxiety and projecting confidence 
  • Tips to engage with and influence your audience 
  • Feedback from coaches and opportunities to practise

Present with confidence and speak with clarity now.

Who’s it good for

Anyone who needs their message to land and make an impact.

Sales & Marketing Teams

Who are looking to increase their sales through better comms.

Executives, C-Suite and Senior Managers

Who regularly give speeches and are looking to improve on their skill set.

Businesses, Corporates and Organisations

Who are looking to launch a new product or secure stakeholder buy-in.

Individuals, Part or Complete Teams

Who are wanting to overcome nerves and improve their confidence.

Master public speaking with experts to give you real-world feedback and professional tips to make you stand out from the pack.


Persuaders offer half-day or full day training sessions quarterly or booked privately. Contact us for upcoming dates and session times.


This course can be delivered at our premises at The Studio 11 York Street Sydney, or in-house for your organisation.


Time is money! These training sessions can be done in half a day so there’s no delay.


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