Become a winning sales team

Elevate your sales team to KPI smashing, high performing, winning machines.

Upskill and get your team equipped with the tried and tested tools and tactics to win more deals.

67% of customers say they would pay more for a great experience with a brand. 

Ensure the sales process is seamless and increase the chances securing new clients with our range of pitching services.

Modern customers are more savvy and discerning than ever before, so it’s crucial to have a strategic yet effortless process that makes awarding you the deal a ‘no-brainer’.

PowerPoint got you down?

We know. That’s why we’re here to help.

Upskill your sales team and refine the sales process with advice from industry experts and our range of pitching services.


We can carry out a pitch audit to show you what’s working and what isn’t, and what’s best practice for your specifc industry.

Presentation Updates

From complete rebuilds to just a light refresah – we can get it completed for you on time and on budget.


Uplevel the entire team and elevate group morale with team training customised to your specific needs and challenges.

1:1 Pitch

A strategic deck still needs a killer presenter. We’ll coach individuals around their blindspots and set them up for success.

Get insider advice and intel from the pitching experts

We’ve helped our clients win multi-million dollar investments and secure new clients through our tried and tested approach.


I chose to work with Persuaders to manage the content vision and creative execution of my pitch deck. Their methodical approach in producing insightful and persuasive presentations is one of which i have yet to see elsewhere. Not only did they artfully form an engaging strategic narrative to rope in our potential client, the Persuaders team aligned thoughtful content with the ebb-and-flow of the overall presentation. Each slide presented vivid and memorable messaging rather than cookie-cutter or templated material. They uncovered the golden thread that helped enhance the overall pitch, making sure we looked and sounded like the professionals we are, but perhaps not had been presenting previously.

– Simon Borg
CEO, Navia


Persuaders are a team of pitch professionals. When it comes to pitch deck development and design they are on-point. They have been continually raising the bar over the past three years, taking my complex ideas and making them easy to understand. I’ve always had great confidence with the final product, which makes us look better in front of prospective investors and customers.

– Jesse Todd
CEO & Co-founder, EncompaaS


We were glad we invested in getting our pitch deck professionally designed. …This engagement returned on itself 10 fold with a new investment round, proving that no one can tell your story like someone else – who listens and relays the narrative, like Persuaders. It was a rewarding experience all round, so much so that we are back with a new project again this week, and no doubt would turn to Persuaders as a creative partner again.

– Ryan Flanagan
CEO, Revuefinda

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Unify the team and
boost your bottom line

Impress potential customers with a pitch process and presentation that:


Gives them everything they need and nothing they don't


Delivers powerful and focussed messages


Clarifies the intrinsic value you offer


Shares carefully curated customer success stories to drive social proof


Sets the stage where your customer is the hero of your brand story


Weaves in your authenticity as a brand

Wasting time and losing money over mixed messaging from the team?

Are there hundreds of versions of your pitch deck on the server and you’re wondering…

Where’s the latest version of the presentation?
What has the customer already seen or been sent?
How do I combine a few different versions?
What’s the best way to structure my deck?

We can take care of that for you. Get in touch today.

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Become a closing machine

Persuaders offer 1:1 or group coaching with industry experts to get your sales team on their A Game.


Improve confidence


Perfect both visual and verbal presentation skills


Practise answering tricky questions


Get coached around your blind spots


Harness the art of humour and charisma


Nail your first impression and learn how to craft a killer elevator pitch

Don’t waste time and money creating losing pitches

We’ll turn content into an inspiring and influential presentation the whole team can use.

Free your staff up to do more meaningful work

Have confidence to get stakeholder buy-in

Get back to business-critical work

Trust the industry experts

Key things to consider when creating
a sales presentation:

Less is more

Drive impact with clarity and simplicity.

Eye catching

Engage audiences with arresting visuals.

Show don’t tell

Present proof with case studies and testimonials.

Behavioural economics

Be customer-centric to elicit emotional responses.

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Get winning results

Elevate your success with Persuasion Tactics & Tools.

Outshine the competition

By flipping the script with our Narrative

Upskill the team

From group Customer Experience and
PowerPoint training to 1:1 public speaker coaching,
we’re here to power up your team.

Stand out from the crowd

Raise your game with a our comprehensive sales pitch system. 

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