Polished Presentation for Stockland’s Financial Year Results

Client Need

Stockland wanted to visually present their company’s goals and outcomes to key stakeholders. They wanted to increase their investors, shareholders and partners through a clean and polished presentation.

Stockland approached Persuaders for a captivating presentation that is consistent, simple and clear. We delivered not one, but two outputs for Stockland to present to their investors. A polished PowerPoint presentation for the initial meetings and an annexure for them to take away.

Stockland has used these tools to help gain the trust and confidence from the audience in the value of Stockland’s portfolio.

Stockland Logo
48 slides designed


Slides designed

48 slides designed


Icons Designed

48 slides designed


Accompany documents

48 slides designed


Charts designed

The Brief

Stockland is one of the largest diversified property groups in Australia. Today, they leverage its model to help create sustainable communities where people live, shop and work.
Stockland was after a polished presentation on their 2019 financial year results. Consequentially, this would be presented to investors. They wanted the presentation to have a focus on their vision. That is, to create sustainable and thriving communities. This could be achievable through their strategy of maximising returns through community creations. Therefore, increasing audience interest is an important element into making this possible.
Stockland provided us their 2018 financial year result PowerPoint as reference. Within, the layout and data needed to be updated and revamped. Additionally, they were looking for expert advice on a structure that could better tell their company story.
Stockland contacted Persuaders to transform their old slides into a powerful presentation. Above all, they wanted a clean and polished presentation that was designed to highlight their strategy and key messages.


The Solution

Research has shown that a well designed presentation can improve audience engagement and interest. Stockland was confident in Persuaders ability to increase the audience’s interest through one of our persuasive presentations.

We adhered to Stockland’s request and kept the presentation design corporate and clean. By adding images of their existing communities, the presentation also feels inviting. Additionally, it highlights their key message and strategy of a thriving community. We utilised colour and iconography to highlight relevant facts and figures.

Stockland’s presentation consisted of complex content, which needed to be untangled and redesigned. By structuring the content in a simplified way, we can increase the engagement of the audience. We collaborated with the client to source the significant elements that is important to the audience. By eliminating information, we are able to deliver results in an understandable format.

As there was a lot of information to compile we proposed to also have an Annexure created. All the essentials will be present in the presentation while the Annexure can provide in-depth details. This will reduce the chance of overwhelming the audience during the presentation. It also assists with creating a narrative structure within the presentation that isn’t long-winded. The viewer will also now have an option to take further in-depth information with them.


The Outcome

The project ended with a successful outcome. The team has transformed Stockland’s problem into two solutions while providing excellent customer service at every phase . These two solutions are the initial request of a presentation plus an Annexure. By doing this, the presentation can remain direct, consistent and simple. The annexure can be provided upon request by the viewer to gain more insight on what was featured during the presentation.

The new presentation is both engaging and informative. The design highlights their vision of sustainable, thriving communities. The polished presentation will certainly increase the interest of Stockland’s potential investors.

Stockland can now present to investors, shareholders and partners with confidence and provide them with something to take away and discover more.

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