A persuasive explainer video, created for Qantas Airlines to showcase the results of their “Q- Collective” campaign to their stakeholders.

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Qantas is Australia’s premier airline

Client Need

Qantas wanted to make use of influencer marketing.

However, they soon found a fragmentation effect. Too many influencers and different campaigns were reducing the brand value. Often an influencer would post great content, but the iconic voice of Qantas would be lost in the campaign.

Consequentially, Qantas knew something needed to be done to maintain the brand voice. However, they were posed with a tricky task. How could influencer marketing be used to help Qantas connect with their customers while ensuring the integrity of the brand? That is, they needed a sub-brand.

The result was the Q Collective.

This new program allowed a more specific and measurable engagement with influencers. The campaign was a success. However, merging the myriad of statistics into a reporting format for management was a challenge.

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The Brief

The marketing team behind Q-Collective realised a video could be used to communicate the success of the Q-Collective.

Qantas sent a brief to Persuaders to assist in the communication of these results. The Q-Collective was 6 months into launch as a digital influencer content creation campaign. This meant key objectives had already been recorded.

Qantas desired a strong focus on the initial business problem and ideation. This evolution of the programme along with a highlight on the best performing content were key data points.

Evidently, the strength of Qantas as a brand in these key stories and content creators output was key to the success of the campaign. Seeing the brand in the various touch points would help bring together the often fragmented feel of an influencer campaign into a coherent thread of information.

Ultimately the Q-Collective needed to solve the following issues:

  • Disparate and fragmented influencer campaigns
  • No Clear structure of posts, frequency and topics
  • A large variation in fee structures and rates for content creation
  • Confused and inconsistent messages to be sent to the influencers.

The Solution

The Persuader Video service was a great fit for the Q Collective reporting.

Our team built a visually appealing and fact-filled video. The success story featured great examples of the content created during the campaign. This delivery a snapshot of the engaging and result focused campaign.

The influencer network was using the Q Collective process to deliver great outcomes for the whole campaign. This consists of different social media content. We added all of this to the video report with overlaying success figures to visually communicate the relationship of content and outcomes for the campaign.

The result was an easily digestible information snapshot portraying the success of the social content and the creative brand team.

Mockup of Qantas project on a computer screen

The Outcome

The video clearly related the success of the Q-Collective program and lead to management continuing the campaign.

Beautifully influential, Qantas’ Q-Collective social media campaigns during 2017 has worked wonders for boosting the brand’s social following and loyalty.  And so we were asked by the social team to wrap up their amazing results and report back to management on their work’s reach and impact in this Explainer Video (built in Keynote, would you believe it!). We recorded and produced the voice-over too, to ensure buy-in for future influencer collaborations.

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