Strengthening the Partnership of Qantas and China Eastern through Persuaders’ Explainer Video

Client Need

MU Transit is a bridge between Qantas and China Eastern Airways.

Therefore, it opens a realm of new travel options between Australia and China. As a result, they contact Persuaders to create an explainer video. First of all, the main purpose is to demonstrate the MU transit process at Shanghai Pudong International Airport (PVG). Secondly, they also aim to increase customers’ awareness of the partnership. Thirdly, they seek to display the ease of travelling between the two airlines. As a result, Persuaders supplied Qantas with an engaging, instructional video. This video certainly makes the MU transit as smooth as possible. Even more, it also effectively illustrates the partnership between Qantas and China Eastern.


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The Brief

Qantas is Australia’s largest domestic and international airline. Consequently, they are regarded as the world’s leading long distance airline and as a result, one of the strongest brands in Australia.

However, the customer feedback on the MU transit process at PVG was surprisingly negative. It seems like the travellers struggled with navigating the airport. As a result, Qantas and China Airways attempted to clarify this process. First of all, they tried out pamphlets and signage, however, it wasn’t effective enough. Secondly, they attempted an instructional video, but the output was overwhelming with information and illustrations. They clearly needed a more straightforward explainer video, which could be understood by a wider range of audience. For that reason, Qantas came to Persuaders to help them design and execute 2 x 3 minute explainer videos. The videos would clarify any queries in regards to the MU transit process. Hence, one will be in English, and the other in Mandarin to support different viewers. The video will also convey the simplicity of travelling from Australia to and throughout China. Therefore, it will function as a guide for passengers at PVG that need to go through the MU transit process. In addition to assisting the travellers, Qantas also has a goal to increase their awareness of the partnership between themselves and MU.

The Solution

Initially, Persuaders began by working collaboratively with Qantas to understand the layout of PVG airport. First of all, we worked from floor plans and images of the airport to understand the direction of where the passengers needed to go. Clearly, there were two transit processes that needed to be explained; international and domestic. As a result, we break down the process into a storyboard. Our process involves gaining Qantas’ approval for all designs before attempting to animate. Consequentially, this saves a generous amount of time during production stages. As there is quite a bit of instructions, we kept the description as clear and minimal as possible. Therefore, it’s quite easy to follow. For that exact reason, the video will also reach a wide audience market from Qantas customers, young and old. So it was important to create an explainer video that is able to engage all types of viewers.

Furthermore, we aimed to get the English version perfect before attempting the Mandarin version. As a result, we sourced a Mandarin speaker, as well as, an animator who is able to provide simplified Chinese writing. We then provide our clients with a range of voices and music to choose from before inputting it into the video. Finally, the translation is cross-checked by both our resource and the clients.

The Outcome

Finally, we were able to provide Qantas with two high quality explainer videos. As a result, the videos grew Qantas customer’s awareness of their partnership with China Eastern. Furthermore, it successfully explains the MU transit process. In addition, it also helps travellers navigate through Shanghai Pudong International Airport.  Above all, Qantas was very pleased with how we have represented both their brand and China Eastern.

Qantas has published the video on their website, under ‘Our Airline Partners’ > ‘China Eastern’.

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