Yearly reports transformed into clear infographics and bite-sized micro-content

The Unysis Corporation wanted to leverage information created for their Yearly Security Index Reports. They wanted to create visually dynamic content pieces to share the information. With an incredible amount of data on safety and privacy in technology, social media, events and natural disasters, Persuaders jumped in to craft clear and informative infographics.

Following the digital infographics came a series of social media tiles, a printed version of the infographics and a PowerPoint for the APAC region, to keep the conversation going.


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16 creative pieces
01 Month timeline
15 Insights
04 regions
04 Platforms
the brief


Unisys is a global information technology company that builds high-performance, security-centric solutions for the most demanding businesses and governments. They develop better outcomes securely for their clients across the Government, Financial Services and Commercial markets. They are proud to enhance people’s lives through secure, reliable advanced technology.

Each year Unisys produces a Yearly Security Index Report for the APAC region outlining four key areas of security: national, financial, internet and personal security. As a result of their exhaustive data and insights, the reports can be long and information heavy. They wanted to provide easy and clear visual pieces in order to combat the magnitude of the content and have more people access the data instantly. Additionally Unisys wanted to develop their conversation of IT security through microcontent with their audiences digitally.

Connect with your audience through refined, visual data.

So how do you create engaging yet insightful data?

The Solution


To get the most accurate and holistic approach to the infographics, Unisys provided their report in addition to a group of related content including other visual examples created for the company. The Persuaders’ team sifted through the information supplied and together identified key features that fit in line with the main messages Unisys wanted to convey.

Together we worked to refine information and messaging, create a style, define icons, draft content and finalise approved designs within a month. The most effective way was to break up content into 4 main groups and develop icons relating to each statistic to convey information quickly. Keeping it clear and concise was the main focus as the data speaks for itself.

Once the infographic was approved it was recreated per region, reformed to fit social media tiles, developed to be seen in a PowerPoint presentation and finalised for print. That’s 16 pieces of content all up to be shared!

80% of information retained by an audience is visual! Break up a report with a one-page summary infographic or include pictograms in the document.

The outcome


The Persuaders’ team was able to execute and finalise the project within a month including getting approval from several stakeholders. We provided a 1 page pdf file that was ready for print, 1 digital interactive pdf, 4 social media tiles and a PowerPoint per region.

By choosing to do an infographic and microcontent, Unisys is able to appeal to their wide range of audiences and share content easily. They are happy with how flexible Persuaders is to alter and extend briefs to fit their evolving content needs.

Show, don’t tell your results on creative platforms.

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