Infographic microsite to grow awareness for OEH’s NSW Biodiversity Research project

The Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) cares for and protects NSW’s environment and heritage sites. This includes the natural environment, Aboriginal country, culture and heritage and built heritage.

They have teamed with Macquarie University to create a Biodiversity Research Node. They wanted to make the Biodiversity Research Node accessible to the public with infographics, but weren’t sure how to do it effectively. They had collated 35 research projects findings, and wanted to showcase these in one location on their website. But the research was very extensive and dense. The viewers would have a hard time trying to navigate through the research. Fortunately, The OEH discovered Persuaders and loved their expertise in infographics. Together, they designed a website page that is accessible, easy to navigate and comprehensible.



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the brief


The Biodiversity Research Node is about NSW species and ecosystems in an era of rapid climate change. The infographic communication is aimed towards NSW decision makers and practitioners working to build resilience towards this.

The OEH’s goal for executing this Research Node infographic was to reduce the human impact on species and landscapes. Releasing this research will raise awareness of our current impact on the ecosystem. They sought to display the Research Node in a way that is accessible to a wide audience. Their key audience being land managers, government officers, researchers and stakeholders within the local community. This resulted in the decision to release the research onto their ‘Adapt NSW’ website.

This site attracts personas researching the impacts and adaptation to climate change. Therefore, harnessing infographics was a simple way of communicating with their target audience. But to make the release of the Biodiversity Research Node more effective, the OEH needed a strategic layout and a visual informational design approach for the web page. This would attract viewers and help them navigate through the immense amount of resources used within the Research Node.

Engage and educate with an interactive experience.

So how do you transform data and facts into an accessible and interesting website?

The Solution


Together with MQ, the OEH came to Persuaders for a web-page design that can effectively communicate the Biodiversity Research Node.

Persuaders began with a whole new look and feel for the page. The client wanted a unique design that aligns with the research and can attract viewers to the content. We recommended inserting images in line with the research.  Illustrations, images and colour increases the entertainment value of a web page significantly. They also help locate and translate certain titles and topics. We offered to design a unique range of illustrations that aligns with the overarching theme of the research. OEH supplied us with their thoughts on the look and feel and how they wanted it to be simple, organic with an Australian feel that tells a story. We produced a mood-board that encompassed this before illustrating the web page designs.

We condensed the research within each category to provide a brief description of what each topic covers. Our illustrations are designed around each category to act as a support for the description. Under the description will be the research links to the resources. Each resource is associated with an icon to draw attention to each one and to represent the form of resource.

The Persuaders’ team then designed a web page layout that is easy to navigate. We went through several designs and layouts with the client before settling on the accordion menu. The accordion menu is able to separate the categories without the viewer having to navigate away from the page. This limits the amount of scrolling needed and makes the page look less content heavy.

Most importantly, we made sure that the web page design is adaptable. This means viewers can access the content on various screen types without the level of quality decreasing. A good website is designed to conform to different screen sizes. This is because viewers are increasingly using other forms of technology (i.e. phones) to access information.


Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain.

The outcome


Persuaders created a website design that is adaptable to desktop, mobile and tablet. The suite of illustrations were distinctive and appealing. OEH admired the graphics and display them with pride in their office space. They were also very appreciative of how we were able to filter through the resources and organise it in a way that is easy to comprehend.

Overall, the Persuaders’ team went above and beyond to meet all of OEH’s goals and expectations. Both Macquarie University and the Office of Environment and Heritage was very pleased with the outcome.

OEH has gained an amazing website page and saved valuable time in organisation through working with the Persuaders’ team.


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