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Client Need

The NSW Department of Education (DOE) wanted to grow their brand awareness during presentations. These presentations are communicated to internal and external business units. To do this, they realised they needed a consistent brand look and feel for all their presentations. DOE contacted Persuaders for help. We suggested a PowerPoint template would be beneficial for exactly this.
Persuaders worked hard on creating a beneficial PowerPoint template that highlighted their brand. In the end, we delivered a unique master template that included an instruction manual and a suite of custom icons. It benefits OEH by increasing brand awareness and whilst maintaining a fresh appeal in all messages and campaigns. Afterwards, we were able to display the usability and aesthetics of the template. This was by utilising it within their next presentation.
The Department of Education are ecstatic with the outcomes Persuaders have provided.


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The Brief

The NSW Department of Education provides world-class education and training. They cater towards more than 750,000 students in 2,300 preschools, primary and high schools, colleges and specialist schools.
The NSW DOE frequently releases content. This content can be created by different business units, targeting different audiences. From this, they noticed that the content didn't strictly adhere to a brand guideline. In other words, the inconsistent representation weakens the viewer's association of the brand to the content. They discovered that consistency is key for ultimate brand awareness.
DOE needed a way for the separate business units to communicate a consistent brand. Hence, they decided to create a brand hub that staff can access and is dedicated to each business unit. The hub will include templates, photography and iconography for staff to use when needing to present any content.
A form of presentation that is frequently used by staff is PowerPoint. Thus, they contacted Persuaders to create a PowerPoint template that highlights their brand aesthetics. They needed it to be easy to use as it will be accessed by a range of people.
In addition, DOE also gathered feedback from staff about their current presentation look and feel. The main responses were that they need their own look, needs more colours and visual diagrams and it needs to feel more exciting. They asked Persuaders to take account of these responses when designing the template.

The Solution

Persuaders began with exploring through supplied content and assets to find consistencies. We also wanted to explore all the relevant factors that will encompass this communication initiative. These help establish the core slide layout.

From this, we presented the Dept. of Education with 36 layout options which they chose 18 from. We then redesign these layouts to create a master template that embraces the Dept. of Education's colour palette, fonts and imagery. The master template will include covers, dividers and a wide range of content slides.

To help their content become more exciting, we created a vast suite of icons that can be utilised throughout the PowerPoint. We also created a range of customisable charts and tables to make their content more visual and less text concentrated.

An important entity for this Template is the ease of usability. We provided an instruction manual that will help users utilise the template to the fullest potential. Helpful guides on how you can modify the template can also be found on the template slides.

The Department of Education was to do a presentation on an overview of the education system to a wide audience. We found this to be a great opportunity to convey how the template can be utilised and the benefits it provides. The template not only works to supply a consistent brand look and feel, it also saves time and has a limitless usage. We demonstrate how images supplied by the Dept. of Education can be included to increase the visuals present. Most of the additional work was found in creating graphics that is exclusive for this presentation topic. Also, working with finding ways to reduce text heavy slides.

The Outcome

Persuaders provided impeccable service whilst cooperating with the NSW Department of Education. We supplied them with a PowerPoint template that addressed the staff's feedback. The template is easy to use and accentuates their brand look and feel. We were able to make use of the template instantly for their next presentation on the education system. Here, we displayed the appeal and ease of using the template.


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