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We created two unique Persuader Videos that spoke to each audience; the committee members, and the supporters.

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Client Need

Cash Rewards is an incentive rewards program that has real cash rewards for shopper participants.

It’s designed for the every-day online shopper who wants money back from their normal weekly purchases – think of your humble grocery shop, or updating your office with the latest tech accessories.

Cash Rewards had decided to launch a community fundraising platform in 2018. This platform had a goal of supporting community members and volunteers.

As part of the campaign launch, Cash Rewards approached the Persuaders Team a month prior. Cash Rewards needed help in launching this new initiative and recruiting community organisations to the program with a launch video. As with these organisations and community groups – like your local Rugby group or the local church – Cash Rewards also needed to recruit these groups’ supporters.

These community organisations are a new channel partner for the business with an all-new cash-back program design.

Flat lay mockup of Cash Rewards project

The Brief

The brief presented to Persuaders was a simple approach.

Cash Rewards incentive program had been providing rewards to households for some time, through online shopping retailers.

The client’s platform now has a new fundraising platform. The improved platform will enable monetary rewards to profit community organisations and their supporters. This will supplement the hard work of volunteers in Australian community groups.

Cash Rewards does this with an autonomous approach. This makes for a real financial win for participating organisations. All with little effort from the community group or its volunteers.

The successful response to the launch needed to increase national awareness of the Cash Rewards Community arm. We needed to single out the ease of access to fundraising available to these community groups. The launch campaign must be easily understood by these groups so they were compelled to take action and sign up.

The campaign will see the program attract and retain community organisations.

Thank you for the work you and your team did on our explainer videos. We are really happy with the final result and the feedback we have been getting has been great… and we would love to work directly with you in the future.

Kirsten Basford, Marketing Manager, Cash Rewards

The Solution

For the fundraising launch, the team created 2 Persuader Videos.

The videos were completed as animated explainer videos and uploaded to Youtube.

The videos help communicate the Cash Rewards system and the fundraising tool available for community groups. It also assists with onboarding new community groups, at speed, with clear and convincing video communication.

These engaging Persuader Videos were designed to generate awareness and hype for the Community arm of Cash Rewards’ launch.

We created two unique Persuader Videos that spoke to each audience. One video for the committee members, and another for their supporters.

The videos were placed on the Cash Rewards website and in email campaigns. The simple animated videos communicate the simplicity of the program. This has seen a large number of community organisations adding this fundraising method to their calendar.

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The Outcome

The videos assisted in the recruitment of more than 500 community groups in its first 3 months.

The campaign continues to steadily build momentum. Since being launched in August 2018 the videos prove to be a valuable persuasion tool. This is aiding to raise much-needed funds for community groups across the country. The videos have received hundreds of views each month. The simple communication method continues to encourage program participants to connect.

The campaign continues to add value to Cash Rewards as users engage with the content. As a result, the community partner fundraising program continues to grow. This is creating a long term return on investment for the Cash Rewards video campaign.

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