Drowning in event worries? Save yourself the stress with Persuader Events.

No-one wants an event to fall flat but with tight budgets and tighter timelines, increasing your ROI gets tricky. Impress your stakeholders with our strategy-first Persuader Events.

Don’t let your event capsize

#1 Getting Their Attention

The most challenging aspect of events is getting chairs filled. The number of attendees is often the most valuable metric stated in post-event reports.

The number of ways to reach your audience is enormous but which is the most effective for yours?

#2 Crafting Engaging Content

Keeping audiences engaged and preventing them from snoring in their seats is the next big challenge. Crafting clear and consistent messaging throughout the event is key to leaving your audience with lasting knowledge.

Do you know how to get to the crux of your information and communicate that in an exciting yet simple manner?

#3 Motivating Change Behaviours

After your event the next challenge is keeping the conversation going. Do you really want all the work you’ve done for the event to be done and dusted and long forgotten?

So how do you find ways to keep the information cycle turning?


of leadership believe in-person events are a critical for company success


of users become regular customers after an experiential marketing event


of event marketers think curating content is too time consuming


AGL Investor Day Persuaders Conference Graphics

AGL Investor Day Persuaders Conference Graphics


Westpac Senior Leader’s Conference


Rescue your event

Events are usually solution-centred, focusing on new exciting product and service features. Sound familiar? This is where events fail. Audiences become disengaged and attention spans wane.
This is where Persuader Events shine. We focus on your audience. After all, the number of attendees is often how business measure an event’s success. So let’s reposition your event strategy and realign content to engage your audience.
You need Persuader Tactics

Find your voice – Remove jargon, find clarity and simplify complex messages. We ask our clients to deeply consider 3-5 key messages they want their attendees to remember. We distill distracting and fluffy content to humanise messaging. Keep it simple to engage your audience.


Narrative Finding – The result is woven it into a narrative, proven to engage an audience. It’s a powerful, often overlooked tool to entertain, inform and educate. We work with you to extract authentic stories and explore the most effective visual and verbal execution.


Repetition – Throughout your presentation and script we centralise around 3-5 key messages. These are strategically crafted for maximum audience retention. We want them to remember the important stuff!


Coaching – Practice makes perfect! We set you up to succeed with our coaching sessions aimed at promoting natural skill, reshaping auto-responses and pin-pointing confidence building skills.

What sets us apart

Do you remember the keynote speaker’s key message from the last event you attended? Did they rattle of stats and facts that are now long forgotten? Everything comes down to communication and we’re the experts. Cultivate more effective events that connect, engage and persuade your audience.







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Micro Content


Uncover the Persuader Way to crafting beautifully immersive customer experiences.

Grab a life line and work with Persuaders. We’ll dive deeper into your event, creating holistic experiences and unforgettable content that will leave your audience wanting more.


Where do I start?

There is no one set way to start planning an event. With our years of experience working in and around events we can help you find the best way suited to strategise, define, create, engage, plan and execute your immersive event. 

Can you meet our deadline?

We know events take a lot of time and resources. A lot of one-off projects that come through our agency turn around between 1-3 weeks. We do get the odd SOS call for an emergency 48-hour turnaround! We like to get in at the start to help you create a holistic approach to your event.

Got something urgent for us? Speak with one of our team now on +612 8985 9499.

How long does it take to have an event up-and-running?

Event timelines vary depending on a number of things:

  • type of event
  • collateral required
  • location and date conflicts
  • audience availability
  • speaker availability
  • production requirements
  • event day activities and workshops
  • catering
  • security risks
  • marketing
  • …. the list goes on!

Small internal events can take 3-4 weeks to plan while large events with a global presence can take up to a year to get right!

When should I get an external team in?

External teams like Persuaders can help from the very conception to the event wrap up. We like to team up early so you create a consistent approach across the event so your audience is left wow-ed! From strategy to script writing to video to post-event surveys, we’re the guys on the ground making you look good!

How do I manage all my stakeholders?

This is always a tricky balance. From persuading the higher-ups to invest, to inviting reluctant speakers and getting bums in seats, the management of events can be a a daunting task. Having clear lines of communication is the best way to get collaboration and bring your teams together. We can help creating pitches, scripts, invitations, marketing materials and everything in between to help you navigate the trickiest of stakeholders.

Why is theming and visual identity so important?

Anyone can throw together any old event. But not everyone can throw together a memorable event that people talk about after the fact. Giving an event an identity and theme elevates the mediocre to the outstanding. Events with a consistent look and feel throughout their customer journey going to result in better brand awareness, retained information and trust. 

Do you work with A/V teams?

Yes! While we can support your event with our own preferred partners, we are happy to work with other teams to bring your vision to life! We can check with them about technical specifications and come up with new ideas to integrate the mechanical with the creative side of things.

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