How to get your team on the same brand page

You need a presentation template. Here’s why.

Does every sales person in your organisation have an entirely different looking version of your sales deck or client report? 

Many businesses lack clarity when it comes to applying their brand to internal and external documents. A mistake that can lead to significant time wasting and detract from stakeholder’s (often subconscious) impression of their business. 

Not anymore! Presentation templates will bring strength to your brand and your team, while still allowing for plenty of customisation, where necessary. 

There is power and money in consistent branding. Understanding your brand’s visual voice and tone of voice, and ensuring it’s reflected across all communications will increase your ‘know, like and trust factor’ amongst your audience.

Think of the most iconic brands in the world: Apple, Nike, Google, Coca-Cola, Spotify. They are consistent in everything they do. That’s because they know that brands are more than a logo and that their brand consistency matters more than people think. 

If a company is managing their branding and personality very well, consumers will hardly notice. Think of Virgin – from phones to space travel, the brand is instantly identifiable, with cheeky messaging and visuals that link all Virgin brands. Even Richard Branson himself is an embodiment of Virgin’s brand personality (or is it the other way around?). 

Regardless of the service or product, Virgin’s audience knows exactly what to expect. That familiarity builds customer loyalty and widespread brand recognition. 

We won’t name call here, but it’s safe to say that a brand without that kind of consistency probably won’t get the same response, recognition or loyalty – no matter how great their service or product is.


Why you need a presentation template

Professionally designed branding and assets can impact how your business (and you) are perceived by investors, partners and potential clients. 

Don’t make the mistake of thinking it doesn’t matter and using a free template. You get what you pay for, right? Unprofessional designs are just that – unprofessional.

Animation of woman reaching for the stars

Don’t stress though –  you don’t have to pay for a professional designer to help you out every single time you have a new presentation, pitch or report. A professional presentation designer will work with you to identify the most common needs across your business. 

They can then condense that information and create a custom template with master slides that can be used by different teams for a variety of purposes.

For example, Persuaders created a PowerPoint template for Sydney-based consulting group, Maximus, enabling them to deliver clean, consistent, professional looking presentations, pitch decks and other client-facing documentation.

two computer screens showing different slides from the template facing away from each other

Not only will a template bring consistency to your brand, it will also save your team (especially the client facing ones) heaps of time messing around with formatting and structure. Templates can be created to cater to the needs of several different internal teams, from finance to business development and everything in between. 

Believe it or not, 91% of people say they would feel more confident if their presentation was beautifully designed.

Presentation matters in every way. You wouldn’t show up to an important meeting unprepared and dressed like a slob, so why would you use unprofessional visuals? Making the choice to work with a designer to create a custom presentation template can help you stand out amongst your competitors and impress your stakeholders. 


Consistency Counts

Why? Because as consumers, consistency makes us feel safe. Yes, lots of people (especially Aussies) love adventure and novelty, but when it comes to brands, we are creatures of habit. 

For your audience to really experience brand recognition, they need consistency across your brand story and visual identity – that extends to the designs of your infographics, presentations, website and everything else.

You want to show everyone – your investors, your staff, your customers (existing and future), and every other stakeholder – that you are trustworthy, dependable and reliable. The subtle underlying power of consistency in your theme in your presentation is just one way you can demonstrate this strength.

When you create templates, whether they’re in PowerPoint, Keynote or Google Slides, it will save your team time and keep everyone on the same page.


You can template Word documents, too!

Sometimes presentations just won’t do. For reports, proposals and other documentation that require Word or other similar programs, templates are equally as effective.  

Persuaders helped AGL create reporting templates that reflected their brand and functioned as a simple guideline for all members of their team. 

Example of AGL's word template on a light blue background

What’s more, we provided clear instructions for their team throughout the template (just as we do with presentations), so there’s no fuss or confusion. 

This saves time and maintains consistency – no need to worry about someone forgetting how to use something or information being relayed incorrectly to new staff. Simple as can be.

Not sure where to begin? Get in touch with Persuaders to see how we can help bring simplicity and consistency to your business with templates.

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