What’s new with Prezi?

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Prezi makes everyone a visual communicator. It’s a storytelling tool helping you to organise your information in a clear and succinct way- making it easier for your audience to digest your information.

Prezi has a high quality of visual designs allowing you to take your audience on a journey and pause to focus on important points, allowing you to delve into more detail. The system also provides a range or user friendly design templates where all the hard creative is done for you. all. All you do it input your information.
However if you have used Prezi before this is old news. What is new, is their Prezi for Business. This new version has added features to make it easier for employees to work collaboratively. 
Features include: 
  • Collaboration tools: makes file sharing more simple.
  • Users can share their presentation with their team and clients no matter their location as well as access content offline.
  • Added communication platforms: allows multiple users to work together, communicate and edit content in real time, making work time more efficient.
  • Advanced analytic tools: So you can analyse real time data. You can see who worked in which section, when, and for how long.


Prezi for Business also have pre-designed templates suitable for a range of business presentations, leaving you no excuse to ever really deliver company information sloppy again. Here are a few examples:
  • A highly customisable Prezi template with colorful rectangles. Move, resize any frame and add your own color scheme and background.
  • Have you ever seen the road to success? Create your own business road to success. Customize it by adding your own traffic signs.
  • A Prezi template with a futuristic touchscreen concept. A Flexible template allowing you to easily discuss a range of topics suitable to your business.
If you love the layouts but are looking for a more custom design to take it to the next level just contact our team! Instead of adapting your work to pre-designed and recycled templates, we will custom design a template specifically for your content.
A custom design template will make your content not only easier to understand but aesthetically pleasing and will be more engaging and persuasive. That’s how you win pitches.
Let us be the visual voice for your content!

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Learn how to clean up that messy presentation
  • A five minute worksheet that helps you pinpoint that
    presentations purpose
  • Transform clutters of information into clear and
    defined points
  • Win over audiences with a compelling visual


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