We’re not sorry…

 1. We don’t work from templates just blank canvases.
After we have the pleasure of meeting you, we delve a little deeper to uncover your company’s individual voice. From understanding your message, we to tailor it to your audience – we are then equipped. Starting from a blank canvas, we sculpt your story into a visual masterpiece.

2. We are a small team and we’re on top of things, but we are human.
We think it’s one of our selling points. So we may need a little bit of time to produce your masterpiece. We don’t do two hour turnarounds, however, we have been known for our same day design rescues! We do what we can, just ask.

3. We don’t believe in second chances, just nailing it the first time.
We aim for perfection, so we ask a lot of questions. I hope this works for you.

4. Unless we are talking about payment options, 
we don’t take credit.
We work to empower presenters, communicators and brands to be truly remarkable and deliver engaging forms of visual communication – we don’t need a shiny award.

5. We only work with people who we know – so let us get to know you first.
To deliver custom-designed, creative solutions for your company, we need to know who you are and your why. Emails are OK, phone calls are great, but meeting you in person is even better. Do you drink coffee?

6. We won’t do everything for the sake of gaining more business.
Yeah, we could spread ourselves thinly across every digital, banding, marketing and design service available, but we prefer to focus on what we do best.

Knowing your company and teams’ strengths and what you stand for, makes for a cohesive and collaborative work environment, where everyone is empowered to produce great work and has fun doing it. You can uncover more about what we value on our Studio page.

This is an archived post from our predecessor The JOB Creative. 

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