19 undeniable benefits of explainer videos

Explainer videos are your hot ticket to growing your business. Read on to learn nineteen undeniable benefits of explainer videos, or as we like to refer to them as ‘Persuader videos‘.

Do you ever feel like you’re not gaining any new customers? Well… do customers know who you are?

Customers love brand familiarity and supporting a business they trust. Gaining that recognition can take years. But having an explainer video incorporated into your sales process or front and center on your website home page can help speed up that process.

Persuaders - Explainer videos squeeze a tonne of information into an easy-to-digest format

Explainer videos explain who you are and why customers should support your brand. They communicate with impact and clarity by squeezing a tonne of information into an easy-to-watch and entertaining explainer video format – like we love producing.

But an explainer video offers more than just an introduction. An explainer video helps a customer solve a problem – you know that ‘app’ that-revolutionises-ordering-a-specific-product or a ‘professional consultation service’ that-tightens-up-important-gaps-in-one’s-bookkeeping.

Persuaders - Explainer videos help customers to solve their problems

Are you convinced you need to create an explainer video or two for your organisation?

Here are our Top 19 benefits of using Explainer Videos:

Persuasive Reason #1. Videos offer the most engagement

Videos combine the best of all content worlds. They implement visuals, sound, and text. This is why more people interact with video than other forms of content.

An interesting video thumbnail is more enticing than a sentence. This is why web users click videos 41% more than a text link.

A video platform is the best way to send your company message out to the world. You can promote your business and products in a fun and engaging manner.

Videos offer even more than that. Videos hold the captivating storytelling of a text-based message with the luring appeal of stunning visuals. By using graphics or illustrations, keywords built into the keyframes, combined with a charismatic voiceover and background music track – explainers videos’ persuasiveness is profound.

Persuasive Reason #2. Great SEO results that 

Video offers great SEO results. Explainer videos maximize your SEO efforts. This is because of popularity and Google’s algorithms that trawl.

Explainer videos are like modern commercials. They’re engaging and interesting.

All you need is a crafty headline and an interesting video thumbnail. From here, you’ll draw in customers. Google will see these views, and you’ll rank higher in searches.

Increase your website conversion rates with Explainer videos

Websites that utilize video rank in Google 50 times more than websites that don’t. Imagine the SEO benefits you’ll receive when you use explainer videos!

Persuasive Reason #3. Increase your conversion rates

Your conversion rates help track the success of your products. If you notice your conversion rates are dropping, you need to entice customers. Explainer videos are the key to customer engagement.

Explainer videos show the best of visuals and information. And it has been proven that motion and movement will keep a viewer 4 x more engaged than a static ad or signage.

An explainer video fits your whole story and visual appeal in a two-minute video. They give a clear presentation using a combination of visuals, audio, text, and graphics and animation to tell your story.

This is why your conversion rates can increase by 85% after using an explainer video.

Persuasive Reason #4. They’re shareable

Your explainer video should be on your website but also on a shareable platform such as Facebook. That’s because explainer videos have lots of share value.

Social media and video platforms are the easiest way to increase your customer base. But you’ll gain the majority of your audience through sharing. People love sharing great pieces of video content. We are compelled as human beings to try and help others by recommending great services or products on the market. And explainer videos can sum it all up, perfectly – it makes for an ideal quick post on a social media channel like Facebook.

Hence why, 8 billion Facebook users watch a video on the popular social media platform every day. Facebook even remains the top video marketing platform, even topping video giant YouTube.

But you shouldn’t ignore YouTube. YouTube engagement rises 60% every year.

YouTube is the ultimate video marketing platform and the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google

Why is sharing so important? Having a major social media presence is essential for all brands. Sharing your content is the easiest way to gain new customers.

Persuasive Reason #5. You can use them anywhere

Explainer videos are great to use in a variety of different scenarios.

You should always use an explainer video in ads. If you can shorten your video by a few seconds, you’ll open up your viewership to millions. Now, who doesn’t want their brand to appear in front of more eyeballs than less?

There are also unique ways to use an explainer video. Rather than sign an email with a simple signature, embed your explainer video in the post.

Persuasive Reason #6. Effectively and simply sum up your company message

Why did you start your company? Every brand has a different answer to that question. This is why every company has a unique story. Human beings are storytelling fanatics. We love a good yarn and a story told well will be remembered for years.

An explainer video helps you sum up who you are, what you do, and how you can benefit customers.

As the perfect persuasion tool, they are basically an animated pitch deck on steroids. This persuasive form of storytelling usually combines a distilled and influential message told with voiceover narration, emotive background music and enticing visuals.

Persuasive Reason #7. You also speak to customers

An explainer video doesn’t simply explain your business to a customer. An explainer video tells a customer why they need to invest in your products or your business.

An effective explainer video identifies a problem and a solution. The problem being the viewer doesn’t have your products in their life, and the solution is to buy your irresistible product or service.

An explainer video offers more than a traditional commercial. They explain why the customer needs your products.

Here, below, we have an explainer video we designed for Qantas, showing how passengers can easily log onto the in-flight free Wi-Fi service. First, we think about the voiceover narration, which has to be quite matter-of-fact and instructional. Then we ask what keywords do we need to build into the scenes. And then finally, what illustrations will quickly resonate with the audience in order for them to understand the necessary steps they take to log on to the Wi-Fi.  You can see the end result here.

Persuaders - How to create an Explainer Video

You can also add more rhetoric to your explainer videos by telling a story. This approach makes your videos and your company more engaging and interesting.

Stories are a great way to express ideas, knowledge, and concepts. An explainer video driven by a story plays more like a short film than a commercial. Your viewer is hooked, helping your organization gain a devoted audience.

This technique doesn’t only gain more sales. Your viewers will remember your video and will continue following your content. This helps gain customer retention.

Persuasive Reason #8. You’ll make far better ROI

While all of these benefits seem great, you can’t help but think video marketing is expensive. And it is.

You’re paying for pre and post-production, the equipment, and the time it takes to film and edit. The price increases if you include animation, actors, or graphics.

But don’t worry about wasting money: You’ll make your ROI.

Dropbox is the most common example. After releasing an explainer video, they gained five million new customers. This led to over $24 million in revenue.

You won’t lose money because…

Persuasive Reason #9. Explainer videos increase $ales

Explainer videos have the power to increase your sales. Who doesn’t want to increase their bottom line?

As your explainer video gains more popularity, Google will promote your website. Your video views will increase and your brand awareness will maximize.

Lure. Engage. Convert. This is the formula for more sales.

But there’s a reason why explainer videos offer the power to generate sales: They speak to customers through an emotional level.

Your customers will certainly be entertained and engaged watching videos with animation and catchy music. Or they will feel like they must take action to satisfy something missing in their life.

This opens up an emotional response. Your customer will feel more connected to your brand. This is the start of creating a loyal customer.

Persuasive Reason #10. Explainer Videos will $ave you money

Think about how many times you give your pitch to someone in any given week?

Explainer videos are very versatile. You can create a product demonstration, a video ad, and other core video marketing staples with one explainer video.

This way, you save money on your video marketing campaign. You don’t need to invest in several different videos, and you don’t have to drive up your ad budget.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use many videos in your marketing campaign though.

But if you’re looking for a one-size-fits-all video option, there’s no better video than the explainer video.

Persuasive Reason #11. You’ll stand out from the crowd

While reading this list, you’re probably thinking many businesses use explainer videos. And they do. 81% of businesses include video in their marketing campaign, and they’re likely using an explainer video.

You may think it will be hard to stand out. It’s actually the opposite; you will stand out online.

You’ll first stand out from your competition. If you have something to offer that they don’t, an explainer video gives you the perfect opportunity to express that.

An explainer video also gives you the opportunity to remain unique. This includes a different angle on a popular product or even showing off your quirky brand personality.

Persuasive Reason #12. Quickly rise to a professional level

There’s no mistaking quality content will help your brand look legitimate and helps increase trust among your clients and prospects. That’s because anyone can write a blog. Just like anyone can film a video with their smartphone.

That’s why it’s essential you use professionals for content creation.

The same goes for an explainer video. A professionally done explainer video sits you at the top of the totem pole with some of the biggest influencers in your niche or industry.

If other companies are willing to invest in professional video, then you should as well.

Professional videos do more than just add a nice touch to your website and social media. A well-done video makes you look more legitimate and trustworthy. This will convince customers you’re worth their investment.

Persuasive Reason #13. There’s plenty of room for creativity

With explainer videos, there’s no need to be simple or cliche. The best explainer videos use every ounce of creativity. That’s because there are no rules or templates to follow.

Most explainer videos use animations and motion graphics to intrigue and engage the customer.

Animations can create an endless array of ways to showcase your unique brand to your audience. Think about how animated typography could bring your message to life; show some of your app’s user-friendly interface with a walkthrough demonstration; or act out your solution with characters who can show us the benefits.

The animation isn’t all you have to think about. Most explainer videos also use text. Since the majority of web users watch videos while muted, you can use this text to say whatever snarky jokes or crafty punchlines. The best animated, explainers use all three visual, audio and text, we think.

With this being said…

Persuasive Reason #14. You can show your personality

There’s one thing your competitors can’t take away from you: your unique personality. Your personality and your branding are powerful marketing tools.

This is your selling point with your explainer videos.

There are many ways to show off your unique personality. You can direct the video, asking the director to use specific animations or shoot in a specific location.

You can write the script, create the characters, and you can even be the narrator of the video.

This is your company’s video, and it’s a video you’re creating. Show off what makes you different.

Persuasive Reason #15. Increase customer retention – give them a reason to stick around

It’s easy to only look at the new sales and customers. But this doesn’t mean explainer videos don’t offer any value to existing customers.

You already have a customer base who follows your social media channels and purchased your products. They are likely the first ones who watch your explainer videos and will be the ones who are most likely to share and promote your video.

Your explainer videos may teach them a thing or two about your company that they didn’t know before.

Either way, explainer videos also have the power to increase customer retention.

Persuasive Reason #16. Show off your products

An explainer video is the best way to show off your products and even demonstrate how you use them. This lets your customers know why they need that specific product in their life.

This description also helps answer customer questions and might relieve some doubts they have. A product demonstration helps your customers even further during the buying process.

Persuasive Reason #17. They’re mobile-optimized

Our smartphones are changing the way we do virtually everything, including how we create content.

The way your text, images, and videos are formatted depends on a mobile audience. Fortunately, explainer videos cater to a mobile-driven audience.

Explainer videos work well on mobile screens because of the animations and text. You can also easily insert them into any of your web pages.

Persuaders - Explainer Videos are great for mobile

Explainer videos are also made with a mobile audience in mind. They’re short, sweet, and to the point. And you can easily upload and share them on a wide array of platforms.

Persuasive Reason #18. You can make more than one

Did you release an explainer video that turned out to be a hit? Why stop there? Is it proof enough that these valuable sales tools work, and you should get going to produce a second explainer video?

Explainer videos don’t only have to explain your brand. They can explain a specific product, a new website launch, and promote a new direction your company is going in.

Explainer videos are also great if a major change happens in your company.

For example, let’s say you moved the company to a different location, such as a new state or even a new country. Explain why you moved the business and how you did this for the better.

Persuasive Reason #19. You can prove your worth

Have you done a really cool collaboration? Did you win any awards? Make sure to mention this in your explainer videos.

While explainer videos are fun, the goal is to gain customers who trust in you. Proving your worth gives a powerful message. You’re proving your customers can – and should – trust you.

Don’t have anything groundbreaking to share? You can still prove your worth.

Use sales statistics, positive customer reviews, and highlight some of your best-selling products.

BONUS Persuasive Reason #20: Call-to-Action

Don’t forget to ask for the sale or to make the call-to-action (CTA) that you’re hoping for. Don’t be bashful, and certainly do not come across as either too sales-y or too timid. Consider offering the CTA in the middle of your video, so those who will inevitably drop off the video early will hear/see the CTA. There is no reason why you can’t offer the CTA twice. It’s a balance; if the content rocks, viewers will excuse your promos.

There you have it, our Top 19 super persuasive reasons why you should seriously think about creating explainer videos for your business.

Time to make explainer videos!

Now that you know why your business needs explainer videos, it’s time to create a video that will skyrocket your brand to fame.

We can help you make your dream explainer video, or persuader video, as we prefer to call them.


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