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10 undeniable benefits of explainer videos

Explainer videos are the hot ticket to growing your business.

Each year reports are published demonstrating the ever-increasing popularity of video. In fact 80% of marketers using video claim that it has directly increased sales. Given that 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, it’s not surprising that this format is preferred by most audiences.

If you’re not using this medium to share your message and get in front of your audience – bump this item to the top of your to do list stat.

Persuaders - Explainer videos squeeze a tonne of information into an easy-to-digest format

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos explain who you are and why customers should support your brand. They communicate with impact and clarity by squeezing a tonne of information into an easy-to-watch and entertaining explainer video format – like this one we made for Cash Rewards.

Explainer videos can be used for much more than just an introduction to your business. They can be used to help your customers solve common problem or guide them through tips and tricks relating to your product or services. They can be used to introduce your team, share your company culture, highlight major achievements or projects – just about anything you want to say!

Persuaders - Explainer videos help customers to solve their problems


The top 10 benefits of explainer videos:

#1. Videos offer the most engagement

Videos combine the best of all content worlds. They implement visuals, sound and text. This is why people are up to 10x more likely to engage with video than other forms of content.

#2. Great SEO results 

Video offers great SEO results. In fact, adding a video to a blog post can boost your organic traffic by an incredible 157%.

Google has been known to prioritise search results that include video over those without.

This is an amazing way to boost organic traffic and engage potential new clients or partners.

Increase your website conversion rates with Explainer videos

#3. Increase your conversion rates

Your conversion rates help track the success of your website and other marketing channels.

90% of online shoppers have reported that videos have helped them make purchasing decisions. Beyond that, 80% of marketers using video have said it directly increased their sales.

#4. They’re shareable

Your explainer video should be on your website, but it can also be used in presentations, social media and shared via email.

Explainer videos have lots of share value.

Plus, if you host your video(s) on YouTube, it can also impact your SEO since search engines read and rank YouTube content.

Amazingly, YouTube is the world’s second most visited website. What’s the first? Well, Google of course. Fun fact: Google owns YouTube, so it’s only natural that they’ll favour the platform.

YouTube is the ultimate video marketing platform and the 2nd biggest search engine behind Google

Why is sharing so important? Having a social media presence is essential for all brands. Sharing your content is an easy way to get the attention of new customers and creating videos that they will want to share mean that your message is getting out there to an even wider audience without having to lift a finger!

#5. Effectively sum up your company message

As our attention spans are pretty limited, the ideal time for most explainer videos should be under two minutes. This forces you to focus on what really matters to your audience.

If you’ve got too much to say, this may be an opportunity to break up the content into smaller chunks, so it’s easier for people to digest and retain the information shared.

Keep it simple and focus the video messaging around the main focus you want your audience to remember.

#6. You’ll make far better ROI

While all of these benefits seem great, you can’t help but think video marketing is expensive. It certainly can be when you add up the costs of production plus any marketing spend you might put towards promoting the videos.

But don’t worry about wasting money: You’ll make your ROI.

Dropbox is the most common example. After releasing an explainer video, they gained five million new customers. This led to over $24 million in revenue.

#7. Look like a pro

If you want to be a winner, you need to look the part. High quality content will help your brand look legitimate and increase trust among your clients and prospects.

A professionally scripted and produced explainer video will help you rise to the top.

#8. You can get creative and share your personality

There’s one thing your competitors can’t take away from you: your unique personality. Your personality and your branding are powerful marketing tools.

Many explainer videos use animations, which offer a vast array of options and can incorporate different elements to deliver your message.

Consider using text on screen as well, or closed captions if you have a voice over, to improve accessibility and accommodate for those watching on mute.

#9. You can use explainer videos to educate your customers

Creating an explainer video for your business isn’t just about sourcing new clients. It’s also a great way to engage and retain your existing audience.

Use explainer videos to teach them about your company or product. This may be something that aligns with their values, like a carbon offset program, or sharing tips on how to care for their products so they last longer. These messages connect your audience to your brand and build loyalty.

#10. Share all the cool stuff you’re doing!

Have you done a really cool collaboration? Did you win an award? This is great info to share in a video.

You may want to do a wrap up video of an awesome campaign or event, like this one we did for Qantas Airways. Maybe a year in review that goes through all the highlights and accomplishments across your team.

Videos are a fantastic medium to get people excited and connected to your brand. Show all the cool stuff you’re doing, like we’ve done with our showreel.

There you have it, our Top 10 super persuasive reasons why you should seriously think about creating explainer videos for your business.

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