How to tell your brand’s story through the power of content

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When most of us think about “storytelling”, we imagine an unbroken narrative which takes the audience on a journey and leaves them feeling enlightened or entertained. But for brands, storytelling means something very different.

A brand’s story isn’t delivered from start to finish as part of a linear process, but rather, it’s told through a variety of different content types and touchpoints which together make up your overall “vibe”. In other words, it’s an amalgamation of messages, whether written or otherwise, which persuasively and authentically communicates who you are, what you do, and the all-important why.

But why is a brand story necessary in the first place?

Simply, because success in today’s competitive business environment is about building real relationships within your target market. Yes, the key to repeat business and referrals lies in your ability to make genuine connections and forging a position of trust with clients and customers who really want to know what their chosen brands stand for.

It’s incredibly important for businesses to understand they’re always telling their story, which means they must never drop the ball when creating new content. Whether it’s an infographic, explainer video, article, case study, presentation or pitch – every piece of content must consistently support the brand’s story.

Here are some tips for how to tell your story effectively.

Work out who you are speaking to

Rule number one; you can’t deliver content that truly resonates unless you know exactly who you’re speaking to. So, identify your audience’s persona, their pain points and pinpoint precisely how you can address them.

If you hit the nail on the head here, you’ll ensure your content ideas always distinguish your brand as a trusted resource and a valuable companion. What’s more – you’ll be far more likely to maximise your exposure by scoring a few shares among like-minded individuals!

Find your voice

There’s no better way to disengage your audience than by conforming to the drone of formal language and corporate tone – and it won’t set you apart from the rest. A conversational tone which shows individuality will build immediate rapport with an audience that, in turn, finds it easier to relate to your brand as an actual entity. It’ll also make your content sound more persuasive and credible – especially when you hit the right audience.

Use authenticity

Championing brand values and persuading your market about the value of products and services isn’t just about using compelling and engaging language (although it goes a long way).

Take every opportunity to be human. That means, using real life examples which demonstrate how your brand, products, and services affects and adds value to the lives of real people. This could be anything from written or video case studies, to tweets, social media posts, and references about community or charity events you support.

Determine the best way to reach your audience

There are many components to a brand’s story. There’ll be times when you want to inform, educate and entertain – but it’s not a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to choosing the right format for each story “component”.

So, whatever content you create, consider the most appropriate method of communication to ensure it has real value to your audience. For example, infographics are a great way to communicate complex concepts, while explainer videos might be the best way to engage. Similarly, a presentation might be your best chance for informing and persuading your audience.

Craft your visual language

Make sure your brand has a consistent style – this includes anything from your logo, colours, font, image style, and graphics.

With the human brain processing visuals 60,000 times faster than written language – all these elements instantaneously come together to tell a crucial part of your story and leave a lasting impact. Consistency across all content types will make your brand immediately recognisable and trusted within your market while supporting your overall vibe.

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