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In our last blog we discussed how everyone has the ability to be innovative and think creatively, if they only have the confidence in themselves. This time, we’d like to introduce you to how we work – our proven creative process that wins over audiences and produces satisfied clients. We have a four step methodology that achieves great results every time, and it looks a little something like this:

Here we lay the foundations to create solid strategies and winning design. We begin with an audit of your existing materials and identify inconsistencies or areas for improvement, and follow up with a messaging and content workshop. This brainstorm session delves deeper into the scope, aims and focus areas of your project, and allows us to better understand the breadth of how we can help achieve these goals.Says our Strategic Creative Director, Jacqui O’Brien, of the Explore phase:

I love getting granular and shaking things up in the initial Explore Phase – where we workshop your content to discover the ‘Why’. Its where we get all of the relevant people together in a room, we suggest talking to other departments to see how the consumer/customer has an emotional response to the different touchpoint from sales, marketing, right through to customer service & support interactions.

What is the breadth and detail of your offering? Here we flesh out the content, refining, adding, reducing or shaking things up, resulting in great material to aid the design process. We put all the exploration and thinking to-date into action, conceptualizing the look and feel, rapid prototyping and stress testing and creating a kit of parts to work from. Based on the assets determined in this phase, we distill a detailed design brief for our creative team to work from.“Immerse yourself. A sculptor will climb a tree before he sculpts it.” Strategic Content Designer Lainy Thompson acknowledges the importance of a comprehensive understanding of a project before heading into Phase 3: Create.

This phase sees our team of Strategic Content Designers roll out the design based on findings from Phases 1 and 2, visually transforming your content and messaging into an engaging outcome. This stage also includes any copywriting and production, such as technical setup for digital channels and managing print production where required.
“Story telling is such an important component of our role as designers. The Create phase lets us build on the elements developed in the Explore and Define phases: we’ve established the storyline, setting and characters – now we get to create the entire journey.”– Stacey Lewis, Strategic Content Designer.

 Finally, our team of strategists collect data and report on the findings, providing insights and devising a plan for repeat events. Our clients come to us with a range of projects – some of our latest include Investor Pitches, Conference Presentations, Employee Training and Engagement Programs and direct-to-public Infographics and Explainer Videos. Despite the variety of companies and content, the common thread is their understanding and appreciation of the creative process and their trust in our creative team to give their story the visual voice it deserves.


This is an archived post from our predecessor The JOB Creative. 

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