The pitch is the preliminary gate-key to attaining your goal. The story you tell and how you tell it is everything to your pitch’s success. Most people don’t like public speaking at all-let alone formulate an effective pitch. There are plenty of perfectly good ideas, projects, and business ventures that should succeed, but don’t-and vice versa. Persuader Pitches is a full-service agency that specializes in persuasive communication solutions. In this article, you find out everything you need to know about Persuader Pitches. Learn how Persuader Pitches helps to fine-tune your pitch and win-over your audience.

Everything you need to know about persuader pitches

Persuader Pitches is a full-service agency specializing in content design and communications. It takes your project through a four-stage process, from exploration and definition, through creation and implementation. Each stage furthers the refinement of your pitch for maximum effectiveness. Business developers, salespeople of all kinds, and executives come to Persuader Pitches for help with sales presentations, submissions, pitch decks, and everything in-between. No matter whether you’re working with PowerPoint, Google Slides, Prezi, or Keynote, Persuader Pitches enables the full potential of any presentation medium. Take your presentation high-tech and wow your audience with powerful content and spectacular designs that achieve the right business solution.

Where you begin…

A pitch is where you present your solution to a problem and why it is important. Take some time to really dig into your gut as to why your pitch matters for your audience, the people they talk to, and the people they will never meet. But, communicating that effectively is where most people need help. When presenting your pitch to most parties the process contains three separate stages. Each stage of the pitch is a pitch within itself. Often, it starts with the equivalent to an elevator pitch.

1-Minute Pitch

An elevator pitch or 1-minute pitch is a short introduction that runs under sixty seconds. The main point is to arouse interest in the audience. If the 1-minute pitch is a success then you get to move to the short-form pitch. Persuader Pitches works with you to craft an elevator pitch that clearly and engagingly expresses the benefits of your solution by breaking your pitch down. A successful 1-minute pitch is concise, compelling, and irrefutable.

Short-Form Pitch

The 1-minute pitch leads to the short-form pitch. This is where agency help really comes in handy. The short-form pitch is between five to ten minutes and informs the audience on the major highlights of your venture. The key is to go beyond boring analytics, to exciting fact-based possibilities. Working with agency team members, you craft a story that conveys the necessary information, such as the problems you solve, team you work with, and financial highlights. By the end, your audience has a clear picture of your ventures founding, market, goals, competition, and potential.

Long-Form Pitch

Some ventures succeed after the short-form pitch, but many go onto a long-form pitch. The long-form pitch is standard with any investors or investment groups. A professional hand in the design and delivery of your pitch is crucial for you to adequately prepare for this stage. Investors want a formal pitch that informs them everything about the intricate workings of your venture. The long-form pitch is not an invitation to drone on about every specific detail. Instead, it is a 20-minute opportunity to inspire your audience through a clear and concise story. In 20 minutes, using no more than 10 slides, at a font no smaller than 30, you must entice your audience to want to know the details. The long-form pitch is where your audience involves themselves in your venture. The trick is to get them to accept your invitation. Persuader Pitches helps formulate a presentation that inspires a novel passion in your audience. By showing objective data that supports your ends, rather than self-interested claims, your audience remains engaged and interested. If the long-form pitch is a success, your audience will want to take a detailed look at everything. In the case of an investment pitch, they want to look at your books, business plan, earnings reports, and market data. Persuader Pitches helps you prepare all of the necessary documents and information in the most professional and engaging manner. So, what’s the pitch?

To whom are you pitching?

Specifying the nature of your pitch means figuring out what kind of pitch you are making, and to whom. The individual you are pitching to makes all the difference in how you create and deliver the pitch. You wouldn’t do the same pitch to an investor as a customer, would you? Persuaders works with you to create the right pitch for the right occasion, like a…


Investors are a common target for business pitches. An investor is, both, looking for investments to make, and taking a sceptical look at the pitches presented to them. To impress a potential investor you must provide two things: The problem you are solving and the reason; And an insight into a compelling marketing opportunity therein. Investors care about the heart of the project, but they care more about the team doing it. Working with Persuader Pitches helps you highlight your team and goals in the manner that makes investors confident.

Customer Sale

Pitching to a customer for a sale is one of the most common forms. It is also the most difficult to succeed with. Unlike the investor, customers are not, necessarily, looking to buy. Or are they? Customers are like investors, in that they live in a constant state of searching for the right investment or purchase. To be successful you must appeal to their values. Like any pitch, the story you tell is everything to your success. Crafting your story through text, video graphics, and interactive media makes the difference between a close call and a sale.


Organizations can make a huge difference in their employee’s productivity and moral with a good pitch. A recruiting pitch carries a much different tone than that of an employee motivation pitch. An effective employee pitch conveys the vision of the organization, as well as, offers a view of the employee’s future. The trick is to excite a prospective employee with attainable possibilities that are not easily achievable. Inspiration is the best motivator, so give it to them.

Business Partner

A business partner is a mixture of, both, a customer sales pitch and an investor pitch. The ice is thin with a partnership pitch. It is a bit like flirting. A business partner wants to be flattered, but not obsessed upon. To gain their interest a partner must feel that they, alone, have the missing link that will make the venture successful. But be careful-partners smell bull pretty quick. Persuader Pitches helps you focus your pitch on the partner’s interaction. By centring the pitch around them, you allow them to see their contribution. And-most importantly-how the partnership benefits them. A partner wants to feel, both, needed and excited to interact.


Executive level management comes down to the relationships that are kept with competitors. Remember the ancient proverb, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”. In conversation with competitors, everything is a pitch. Competitor pitches are the most delicate of all. You must format your pitch so as to gain information from what your audience does not tell you. Pitching for information to a competitor may seem like manipulation, but many corporate executives hold these relationships to be there most valuable. And, civil cooperation can come in handy when fighting a common enemy, like Walmart or Amazon.

Who Is served by persuader pitches?

Every level of business is served by professional communications agencies help. From start-ups to stockholders, a pitch serves as the introduction to your business growth. Persuader Pitches caters to the step your company is looking to take in terms of growth. ASX 200 companies use Persuader Pitches to instil a sense of confidence in their shareholders, through engaging and eye-catching pitch presentations. Executives come to the agency for fine-tuning of their board presentations and report presentations. Sales executives use Persuader Pitches to create stand-out presentations for clients. Persuasive storytelling is the key to making a powerful slide presentation. Or, create an inspirational training presentation to motivate your sales team. Business start-ups use Persuader Pitches to create their pitch deck and investor pitches. With the help of agency professionals, create a PowerPoint or Google Slides presentation that proves your ability through objective fact and visual engagement.

What Is the persuader pitches method?

Persuader Pitches implements a proprietary methodology to find the right solution for your venture’s presentation. Through four stages, your pitch is taken through exploration, definition, creation, and implementation.


The exploratory phase is where you and an agency team lay the framework for an effective presentation strategy. From the content and guidance that you supply, agency professionals extract commonalities, through-lines, and starting-points to build a solid pitch. Your team assesses the overall impact that the strategy will have on event collateral and outputs to discover the relevant factors to highlight.


The definition phase solidifies your engagement strategy and key messages. Your agency team works to build a visual conveyor to communicate your message to an audience. The end of this phase produces a prototype of your presentation, with conceptualized visuals and touch-points.


This is where your team works to create a fully functional presentation that attains full audience engagement and inspiration. Your team uses all their agency magic and persuasive skills to formulate an end-message that hits your target square between the eyes.


The only way to improve is to know what to look for. The implementation phase takes into account your user feedback and helps you improve your presentation. Your team helps to identify actionable improvement points and fine tunes your pitch. Depending on the nature of your venture, analytic software and qualitative surveys are used to achieve a better understanding of the output results.

How Is the pitch framed?

There are a few proven strategies for formulating a pitch. The standard model of a pitch identifies a problem, how to solve it, and the resources you need to accomplish the goal. But this is often a dull way to inspire an individual’s full interest. Frame your pitch as to appeal to the strengths of your venture. For example, a traction pitch focuses on a business that is gaining traction quickly. It is a “get on or miss the train” message. A pretty common business pitch is a proven deliverable to a new market. This pitch strategy focuses on how your venture engages new customers or resources. The strategy that is overused in social conversation is that of the personal story. In this strategy, your pitch focuses on a personal problem which you found a solution to. Your solution becomes an idea for a business, and you think it is marketable. When crafted with care, the personal story can be a great motivator for savvy investors. A slightly more engaging method is to make the personal story a pivot pitch. In a pivot pitch, your journey begins trying to solve something that leads you to a much bigger discovery. Your discovery is an untapped resource that you have inside access to. For lofty ventures, you have to paint the future for your audience. This method is a great one for good storytellers, as you have to make the audience see the future as clearly as if you saw it yourself. Convince the audience of what the future holds, and why your venture is valuable to that end.

Final thoughts

No matter the venture your presentation seeks to accomplish, Persuader Pitches offers the knowledge and expertise to achieve your goals through engaging presentations. Leave nothing to chance and always deliver an effective pitch that strikes the heart of your ventures aims. Persuader Pitches provides the insight and help to make all your business endeavours a success. If you think this article is right for someone you know, share it with them on social media. And subscribe to the newsletter for more resources on professional presentations. Thanks for reading! 

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