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Ensure your corporate event is a raging success by using a theme

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Every corporate conference and event needs to have a purpose. Without a clear goal your intended message will get lost in a sea of information that might not even be relevant to what you want to say.

Do you want to empower the attendees with the latest information, do you want to raise awareness about changing business practices, or do you want to motivate them to change some aspect of their business game? Whatever your reason for gathering, it will determine what the theme of your conference will be.

Themes aren’t just for social functions – they are an important aspect to make any event, including your corporate conference a success.



 With any event theming choice, it is always great to see what is trending or what else is going on around your corporate event (like a sporting match or major event) that you could tap into.
But more importantly make sure that it suits your audience.


The way a theme is carried out is more important than the actual theme itself.

  • Create a theme logo and brand identity for use on all conference material.
  • Include theme theme in all written materials.
  • Ask your speakers and panelists to develop content with the theme in mind.
  • Ensure breakout sessions and team building activities are theme relevant.
  • Make certain your room layout compliments the theme.
  • Themed food, beverage and décor should never be overlooked.

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