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Engaging ways to Pitch to Win

By Jacqui O'Brien by Jacqui O'Brien 5 min

Have you been tasked with a big pitch?

Perhaps you’re on the hunt for investments in your million dollar idea, putting in a tender submission, or proposing a new business idea to your boss. Where do you turn? Trusty PowerPoint, of course! PowerPoint is a big love of ours here at The Persuaders . It is the most popular platform for pitches, and can be a highly persuasive presentation tool – especially when you have a PowerPoint wizard (cough, cough) who can provide you with a striking and consistent design.


But are we simply defaulting to this because we don’t know any better? Well, we’re here to open your eyes to alternative options. Have you considered… What looks like print collateral, functions like a microsite, is environmentally friendly and is always going to ensure your pitch is viewed in all its glory? The answer is an interactive PDF. Engage with your audience with videos, buttons, hyperlinks, tabs, text fields, pop ups and drop downs. Be ready to present a consistent, on-brand pitch at a moment’s notice, across a wide range of platforms, without compatibility issues. Used correctly, Prezi is a powerful tool to create a unique and appealing presentation. Take your audience on a journey with motion based design and mind-map look and feel, and share the Prezi online with your audience and potential investors. Simplify your content and create an immediate impact on your audience with an explainer videoAfter all, if a picture is worth 1000 words, think what a video is worth! Quick and easy (even for a newbie!), microsites are an increasingly popular option to make your pitch stand out from the crowd. Continuously tweak your pitch, integrate with social media, send it off to potential investors and use analytics to monitor engagement.

The crystal ball effect

There is so much at stake once you press ‘send’ to a potential client or investor, and we all desperately want to know that our pitch document has been eyeballed. There are a range of platforms to house your pitch deck to give you a complete understanding on how it is being viewed, in order to measure the levels of interest and engagement of your audience – it’s like having your own crystal ball!We can guide you through this in our Explore phase.

Maximise the most-used pitch tool

  • We’re certainly not here to cast doubts on trusty old PowerPoint, so if you’re still certain it’s the right tool for you, we’ll leave you with a couple of tips to help ace your pitch design.
  • Break up your deck and keep your audience interested by alternating between different slide designs: follow a text heavy slide with a full bleed photo or coloured slide with minimal text.
  • Use metaphors, storytelling devices or a common theme throughout to make your presentation engaging and relatable.
  • Keep transitions and animations subtle – fades and wipes are your friends, steer clear of anything that bounces or flashes.
  • Create guides on your master pages to ensure all elements sit in the same place on each slide. There is nothing more distracting than a heading or visual element jumping position between slides.


This is an archived post from our predecessor The JOB Creative. 

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